Mid Week Motivator: Getting Sick


It can happen, after getting into a routine you get sick. It can be frustrating as you want to continue with it. Your brain says GO! But your body says NO! Face it, the body will win out.

But this does not mean you need to lose momentum. It just means you will go at a slower pace. Even if you are stuck in bed.

Stretching– simply getting up and doing some simple stretches can do wonders for you. They will get the blood flowing. Do this a few times a day, for as long as you are able.

Static Yoga Poses – holding a certain pose for at least 30 seconds to a minute. My favorite go to poses are chair and tree among others.

Abs– even stuck in bed you can get a few reps of bicycles, crunches etc.

Push ups
– if you can’t do them on the floor, do them on a wall or counter top. Do as many as you can get in.

It does not need to be a whole lot of reps. But doing these exercises while you are sick will help keep you in routine. Will keep the blood flowing. This is what helps me when I am sick. I do what I can when I can.

Above all drink plenty of fluids, eat well and REST!

Mid Week Motivator- Self Care


Screen shot of yoga workout

This past week I did not feel well. I had a cold, I finally conceded. All the symptoms were there. Sneezing,  chills, general weakness.

I was in no shape to run as I wanted.  However,  I also did not want to lose a week of working out. Instead I chose to do Yoga. I felt it was the gentler choice for my body.

I know I am doing something good for my overall health and not missing out on staying with my workout schedule. If you are not well, doing an alternate, gentler workout can be a choice.

Please if your illness is worse than an oncoming cold, take the time off to rest. Once you are up and about go for the gentle workout as your body continues to heal. This is self care, especially with cold and flu season coming upon us. Choose the gentle route to keep that momentum going!