New Home


For the past two years this blog has been on I have gained followers and learned so much about the ins and outs of blogging.

I am so grateful for my regular readers and new readers.

Today I officially launch my new website! Join me at from now on. You will be able to research older posts, read series and new posts. I also hope add more samples of my writing outside of blogging in the future. This is a place where my hope is you find comfort, hope and joy. I look forward to what the future holds!

A place to call home on the internet. 

Welcome to my New Home!

It was just over two years ago, after coming through a weight loss and spiritual journey that I decided to start blogging again. My previous blog had been more of a personal online journal. This time around I wanted to share my insights on my health journey.


So began Gaining Life as I called it. Starting on Blogger, moved to WordPress and now thanks to Wendy Delfosse, I know have this website. My own corner on the interwebs so to speak!

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Here I hope to continue on my writing journey. To share what lies on my heart. I feel compelled to speak up for not only health, but also for writing and for victims of sex trafficking. I hope in some small way to engage in conversation and also some action too.

I thank all of you who have been reading this blog for a while, I hope you continue to enjoy it. And a welcome to those just discovering me! My hope is that you find encouragement and hope here! For this to feel like home to you. A place of comfort, relaxation and learning. I hope you continue to follow me on this journey.





Mid Week Motivator- Coming Soon!


I have the pleasure to announce that my website is now under development! This has been a long time coming, last May I purchased my domain name and then did nothing else. I admit I was scared. Taking that step made things real. But this is my dream to pursue writing and I need to do the work.

I finally took a deep breath and followed up with the rest I needed to do. My dear friend Wendy is designing my site as we speak. My other dear friend Erica is kindly offering her services as a photographer to update my photos.

I do this conceding this website does not truly belong to me. It along with anything else given to me belongs to God. I look forward to this new adventure, where or what will come from this. I’m as ready as can be.

What is something that you need to do that scares you?