Mid Week Motivator: Challenge Yourself

It’s important to challenge yourself. To keep pushing on your workouts. Not doing so can lead to boredom and complacency. Which can eventually lead to stopping altogether.

Challenge yourself by trying something new. Maybe its trying yoga or entering a race. Face your fears in this.
To challenge myself I have entered a half marathon and done a 30 day cross fit at home challenge. Right now I’m in the middle of training with the C25K running app.

Each one has helped me to keep going. Not only that but to get excited about exercising. Challenging yourself is needed to avoid boredom and complacency.



For the past few years I have participated in One Word 365. Instead of making a list of resolutions that will soon be broken or forgotten. I choose a word. One single word to define a year. This year my word is Stretched. Today’s post is about a six month check in.

I chose this word or more like it chose me because I felt stagnated. I felt it in all aspects of my life. From my writing career, my running, emotionally.

This word has proven to be challenging and growing.

In asking to be Stretched, I am asking to be made uncomfortable. To confront long dormant feelings. To not only do more but seek more of Jesus.

Each year that I have chosen a word for a year, I have been made to grow. It has shaped each year and mindset. My first word Yes lead to my health journey.

The next year I chose Love. I chose it for the hope of perhaps the possibility of romance. God however used that to show me the true depths of love.

Last year was Boldness . A year that was rather hit or miss.

I said earlier that this year has been challenging and growing. I have had to confront sin in my heart that I had dismissed. There has been much trial with the loss of a friend and others with health issues. My struggle with getting back into running can be added to this too.

But I already see fruit. I feel myself changing, letting go of things that I have held onto for too long. This is only the six month check in!

Have you done One Word 365? What fruit did you see in your life?