Mid Week Motivator : Goal Setting

In just a short while we will be saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016! This year certainly has flown by for me at least! That being said, a few of my goals have been met and others simply fell to the wayside. As it happens in this journey called life

I’ve learned something crucial though about goals and setting them. Here are three things that have stood out to me.

1-We romanticize them. I know I have done this, fantasing about how I would accomplish it or what life would look like once I did. I can tell you that achieving a goal looks entirely different then what I had imagined. Only to end up feeling disappointed or sad that it was or over.

2- Achieving a goals or goals often means working towards smaller goals first. This part is often overlooked, look at what steps or gains you need to achieve before getting to the main goal. When I started running, I had to first run a lap without stopping before I ran a half marathon.

3- Goals can change and that’s ok. Here is the truth, our lives, schedules and dynamics can change. A backburner goal can become your main goal. You may find you have more time for one thing and not another. This may mean pushing back a due date or rethinking your strategy.

And one last thought, January first is not a deadline to start . While it does fit in nicely, it being the first day of the new year and all. But it isn’t necessarily the right day for you to start. [Tweet “start your goals at the right time for you. “]

Mid Week Motivator- Temptations Abound


It is nearly upon us, eating season. That time between. Halloween and New Years where all the usual rules are thrown out the window.

First it is all that candy, first purchased to hand out to costumed children. The day after Halloween it is all on sale. In past I would of stocked up on as much candy as possible. Eating my way through bags of chocolate.

Then of course there are all those goodies that start to appear in our work places and gatherings. Pies, cakes and all sorts of delectables.

Then I learned something. Just because the food is there does not mean I have to eat it. I can choose to partake.

Another tactic is to bring your own food, this is especially important for work. Knowing I have something with me cuts down on me making poor food choices.

Lingering around food both at work and in social situations leads to mindless grazing. I remind myself that I am there to see my friends and not food. There was a time where all I could think about was the food.

I try to grab a smaller plate to put my food on. Plus drinking water either altogether or alternatively is helpful. This helps to keep me full.

I have found deciding ahead of time helps too. Knowing that I will indulge in something rich later helped me to make better choices beforehand. Not just food but in working out as well.

The goodies will be there, we can’t run and hide from it. We can however make it through this eating season without losing all that we have worked for all year.

Finally there is saying no. This can tough as food is often given as gifts. I find it best to politely accept and enjoy a little of it and either give it away or throw it out.
It is easier to say no if it is offered not as a gift.

What are some strategies that help you during this time of year?