For the past few years I have participated in One Word 365. Instead of making a list of resolutions that will soon be broken or forgotten. I choose a word. One single word to define a year. This year my word is Stretched. Today’s post is about a six month check in.

I chose this word or more like it chose me because I felt stagnated. I felt it in all aspects of my life. From my writing career, my running, emotionally.

This word has proven to be challenging and growing.

In asking to be Stretched, I am asking to be made uncomfortable. To confront long dormant feelings. To not only do more but seek more of Jesus.

Each year that I have chosen a word for a year, I have been made to grow. It has shaped each year and mindset. My first word Yes lead to my health journey.

The next year I chose Love. I chose it for the hope of perhaps the possibility of romance. God however used that to show me the true depths of love.

Last year was Boldness . A year that was rather hit or miss.

I said earlier that this year has been challenging and growing. I have had to confront sin in my heart that I had dismissed. There has been much trial with the loss of a friend and others with health issues. My struggle with getting back into running can be added to this too.

But I already see fruit. I feel myself changing, letting go of things that I have held onto for too long. This is only the six month check in!

Have you done One Word 365? What fruit did you see in your life?