Story Monday: Reading Habits

Reading is a passion for me. However, I feel a bit guilty. I have not read nearly as much people suppose I do. This has been a year of Netflix viewing I admit. Binge watching my way through several series and movies. There is no one else to blame but myself, I made time for things I wanted to do.

It’s something that I’ve missed in my life. Getting lost in another world. It’s something I need in my life, books. The perspective of others. A playground for my imagination. To stir the pot so speak as I work on my own writing.

I need story. My Kindle and bookshelves beckon me to read them. I look forward to diving in. Below is a list of the books I did read this past year.

My 2015 Reading List

12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup

This autobiographical tale of a free man being sold into slavery was gripping and tough to read. The hope he had in being reunited with his family is felt throughout the work. I reccomend this book to educate and remember our history.

Pride & prejudice by Jane Austen 

This was my fifth time rereading it. Each time I rejoin the Elizabeth and Darcy I learn something new. Perhaps it is part of  getting  older but I find Mrs. Bennett a more sympathic character than I did before.

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

This is my slow read. I began reading it over a year ago. From time to time I read chapters, savoring the words and this world. I do not foresee finishing it this coming year either and that is just fine.

Searching For Sunday by Rachel Held Evans

This book was eye opening and for anyone grasping with what the Church can be and the reality of where it is. I enjoyed her previous book A Year of Biblical Womanhood.

Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

A friend introduced me to this series and I have yet to stop! The first season of the show is faithful to the first book to a T. I enjoy the romantic aspects and adventures of Claire and Jaime through time. I am currently finishing Drums of Autumn.  

Zombie Christian by Sabrena Klausman

This sat on my bookshelf for over a year I must admit and only just finished it (but hey it still counts as a 2015 read!). This book examines lethargy that had settled not only within the Church but in the body of the church.

Do Over by Jon Acuff

This was my first book I read by Jon Acuff. This is a great, clarifying book on how to assess where one is at in their career and the steps we need to take to move forward.






I Learned It From You Dad!

I come from a family of readers. Books were always the norm in our household. The moment I learned to read I devoured one after the other. The biggest influence on my love for books and words was my Dad. My earliest memories of him were seeing him either sitting in his chair reading the papers and books piled around him. In the summer he sat out on the porch, cigar in one hand and a book in the other. During the winters in St. Louis would find him in the garage doing the same thing.


He can read books rather fast. I watched him place his finger in the middle of the page and simple scan. Then there are the books he takes his time to read. Words he wants to savor and allow to marinate in his mind and thoughts. Besides the books there are the newspapers. He does not just read the local paper but a few others. From watching this throughout my life I learned to appreciate knowledge and to seek out more than one source for information.


Often an evening could find us sitting in the living room, the television on in the background as my dad, mom and I read. Yes, I grew up reading while watching television. Which became white noise as I read my books. When I think of my dad, it is always with a book or paper in his hands. 


Watching him engage in the habit of reading encouraged me to read. If at first I were not a reader, I would never have become a writer. Thank you dad for showing me the joys of reading.

Happy Father’s Day!