Mid Week Motivator- Need to Run

I have a love/ hate relationship with running. I hate it during the run, I hate how my muscles ache and how my breath can get out of rhythm. There are days when I have to chastise myself to go run already!

But then there are the days when I crave a run. That happened for me Monday evening. My life has been pretty topsy turvy as of late. My schedule has been affected by things out of my control. Monday, I needed to run. I needed it more than I needed to attend my small group as I usually do.

I needed to run because I knew I would not be able to do it later in the week due to other commitments. I needed to run because I am getting back into running and did not want to lose my momentum thus far.

It was not a far or fast run. A couple times around the park with some walking. Then ten minutes of running and down these small hills at the park

( alright its essentially a drainage ditch but you work with what you got!)

So why the photo of the horse you ask?

Because the horse NEEDS to run. As I did. As I do. I may not always love it. I may not always run well. But I need to get out there and do it. Sometimes I will love it and feel like I am flying and other times I just want to go home already. But that is just fine because it is about getting out there in the first place!

After my run I felt better. I felt lighter. Mission accomplished.

What is your relationship with running?