Mid Week Motivator : Nanowrimo Groove

It is midway into the first week of Nanowrimo!
It is that point where either one feels between feeling motivated and questioning sanity.

Put down that paper bag, you are right where you should be at this point.

Has your plot fallen apart? Grab onto that one aspect that has not . This will be like bread crumbs, lead you back to your story. Listen to what your characters are telling you.

This is the fun of Nano, it pushes you as a writer. You have to be consistent with your writing time. This helped me learn how to manage my time and schedule writing. Knowing that I only had this specific time to write forced me to productive. The muse can only come if you are already beckoning them.

Some days your fingers will fly over the keyboard. Others you will want to bang your head on the keyboard.

Welcome to the life of a writer.

Short on time? Squeeze in wordage when you can. Email yourself or create a document in Google. All those times waiting in line, waiting on kids, friends etc.

Keep going, keep going, keep going! The worst that can happen is you write a terrible first draft,  learn a lot about writing and yourself in the process.