Click on The Thingy

I recently moved my blog back to WordPress. A few weeks ago I made the leap to move my own domain along with it.

Now I’ve come a long way in dealing with technology and websites.

For instance, I’m no longer terrified that I’ll destroy my website simply by clicking on something.

Now clicking on a few somethings may blow the whole thing up.

I shall see….

However, it did take me over a week to realize why I couldn’t reach my website. I kept coming across the internet version of a dead end.

I had forgotten do to the very technical thing of CLICKING ON THE BUTTON TO MOVE THE HOSTING!!! Or as I texted my friend, the thingy, I didn’t click on the thingy.

So I say all that to say you can definitely reach this blog at

And I’m planning my first vlog soon!

Thanks for reading!