Mid Week Motivator: Water

It should be easy to drink water. I mean it is easily accessable  in our lives ( especially those of us living in the modern, western world). We are surrounded by places to buy water to our liking. Water fountains are in every public building we enter. Not to mention,(hardly ever) do we need to question how clean the water we are drinking, cleaning and bathing in is safe. Plus we have the option to further filter our drinking water if we so desire.

So why is it so difficult to get into the habit of drinking it?

All day long other beverages are consumed are they not? There are the sugary drinks and the various colas. Since it is still summer time, the choices added lemonade and iced tea. Let us not discount all the blended coffee ( or as my friend puts it, coffeeish) beverages.

But drink water? Just plain water with no flavor added? Really?

I mean, who does that?!

I do.

I enjoy water. I enjoy being properly hydrated. Have you ever finished a soda and felt, well thirsty still? I have and either wound up drinking more soda or a glass of water. I can honestly say I am no longer tempted by soda. While I do enjoy one from time to time.

I’ve had to recommit myself to drinking enough water. This became evident the other day as my friend and I had to end our run because of thirst. On other days I have underestimated the heat and humidity by not drinking quite enough water to get through my workout outside. In this vein I have purchased a snazzy new water bottle ( thank you Dollar Tree!) and am committed to refilling it at least three times during my work shift ( which averages around five to six hours). At home at least three to four more times.

Drinking water has helped me so much in staying away from other kinds of beverages ( as I stated above I still do drink them from time to time). Not to mention saving money by refilling my water bottle, I am not purchasing it.

Drink well my friends!