Mid Week Motivator: Ups and Downs

My relationship with food is rather complex as it so often reprensents comfort to me. As it does for so many and in times of stress is easy to run towards.

Which I did. Barely working out or not at all. Eating whatever came across my way.

Why? Because life had become busy and stressful. Eating all the bad stuff felt good, for a brief moment. Not working out made feel like I did skipping school as a teenager. Another brief moment of being bad but then comes guilt.

Getting back into the routine is hard. The body adjusts just as quickly to bad habits as to good ones. The good news is that now I long for the good habits. To eat better and exercise.

While there may times when we get off the health track, it does not mean we can not go back. Don’t allow a bad day or week to prevent you from being healthy. There will be ebbs and flows, ups and downs.

Keep going, keep moving. It’s worth it.



Mid Week Motivator: Popsicle Fun!

One of my favorite things to eat during the summer ( and basically all year round) are popsicles! On a hot day they just seem to hit the spot. While there are some great, healthy options available in grocery stores, I wanted to attempt making my own as I am adding to my kitchen adventures.

I found molds at Dollar Tree ( a favorite store of mine!), pinned at least twenty popsicle recipes on Pinterest and headed for the grocery store. For my first attempt ( which turned out better than I expected I must say) was melon, lime and a few with raspberries. So far I have used fresh fruit but I using frozen should work as well.

I let them freeze overnight and they popped out easily after running the mold under warm water. The only thing I would say is to not pull out the the stick as I did. This made it not stay in when removing them from the mold.

Now I have a healthier version of my favorite snack. Plus popsicles are a great way to hydrate too!


Mid Week Motivator : Kitchen Intimidation

In last week’s Mid Week Motivator, I covered eating well on a budget. Today, I am talking about getting over that kitchen intimidation.

The hardest part about cooking is the  fear of failure. Julia Childs taught me that there can be no fear in the kitchen. Now, I am nowhere near the culinary genius of Mrs.Childs, but I do hold my own I must say.

Eating well means getting to know your skill level. Start with your favorite recipes, modifying them to make them healthier. You will be surprised to find that swapping out one item for another is pretty easy.

Play with spices and different kinds of vegetables. Healthy doesn’t mean you lose taste, it just means you find in a different way. Learn about meal prep, sure setting aside time to do it may seem a pain but so can be workouts.

Sure, some experiments may fail. So what? It just means you know better what works for you and your family.But again as Julia Childs also said, “Never  apologize for your food.”

Mid Week Motivator: Chocolate


Sally's Baking Addiction via Pinterest

It is no secret that one of my favorite food groups is chocolate. The battle with this treat has been going on for months. I have indulged in way too much frozen yogurt ( Publix’s Chocolate Cookie Quarry most especially)! Then for a week or two it was hot chocolate ( two packets of course) topped with marshmallows and finished off with cookies.

I tried to go without desert, to eat nothing after dinner. But the cravings continued.

I wanted to satisfy this craving without continuing this downward trend. Opening my Pinterest app, I searched for a healthy, easy chocolate recipe.

I found a winner! All I needed was  Coconut Oil (4 tablespoons melted), agave or honey (1/4 cup), and coco powder (I got Hershey Special Dark, 1/2 cup plus one tablespoon). Stir it all together and either spread out on a cookie sheet with wax paper (I used a muffin tin and a rubber ice cube tray ). Freeze for 30 min. There you have it! I added walnuts to one batch and unsalted roasted almonds to another. Full recipe found on http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/

A healthy, delicious, chocolate treat. These satisfy my chocolate craving just fine. I found just one or two of these are enough for me. Eating healthy does not mean not enjoying things like chocolate. But discovering new ways to do so.