Three Year Check In

It has been three years since I began this health journey. Three years and counting actually. Losing weight is not an easy task and so much of it is mental. It forced me to face things about myself, confronting my quit early attitude. I have learned what this body is capable of doing in the course of this journey. I ran and finished my first half marathon last year.

I have learned what my limits are in regards to food. In how to eat well for this body. Learning how to love my body and in due course myself. I have learned to give myself grace and forgiveness when I stray from all that I have learned. When I prefer to walk instead of run.

I have learned to eat well despite my financial restrictions. That it is indeed possible to eat a healthy diet. It is all about making the best choices and at times avoiding certain aisles altogether.

Three years is a long time to maintain weight. But I have gained. First I gained muscle as the initial weight loss. Then, as time went on and my work out routine became less intense at the height of my weightloss. I gained and my body continued to change. I am older than I was when I began this journey and  that plays into this as well. Again I have learned to have grace towards myself in this way.

I also have to remind myself I am not that girl I let go of three years ago. I am a different person. I seek that urgency I once had and slowly find that I am regaining it. I have let go of the notion that losing weight equals a reward in the form of a relationship. I have grown so much in these three years.

To think it all began by simply showing up at a park, unsure of what to expect.