Mid Week Motivator: It Isn’t Easy

You see that person, jogging down the road and it strikes you how easy it comes to them. And perhaps why it does not for you. Why can’t you be like that jogger who looks so graceful?

While it can look like it is far easier for them, it may not be at all. Perhaps it was a battle just to get out there. Perhaps not.

It takes work to get to the point of looking effortless. What you don’t see is all the work and time that people have put in.  Put in the time and effort. Get out there, push yourself to get to that point too. You are capable of becoming that effortless looking runner too.

Mid Week Motivator: Adapt as Needed

Make time for those healthy choices during this hectic month. And after too.

Plan realistically. Look at what waylays you from eating well and working out. You know exactly what your kryptonite can be. Mine is sugar and laziness in working out or choosing the drive thru instead of cooking. I try to keep healthier options on hand for when those treats start to fill up the conference rooms. Or eat my bigger meal earlier in the day since I may not get home until late that night. Plan work out dates with your friends. Or create a workout to go along with that Netflix binge. In other words, Adapt as needed.

Sleep! Sleep is key in overall health.

Mid Week Motivator: Getting Sick


It can happen, after getting into a routine you get sick. It can be frustrating as you want to continue with it. Your brain says GO! But your body says NO! Face it, the body will win out.

But this does not mean you need to lose momentum. It just means you will go at a slower pace. Even if you are stuck in bed.

Stretching– simply getting up and doing some simple stretches can do wonders for you. They will get the blood flowing. Do this a few times a day, for as long as you are able.

Static Yoga Poses – holding a certain pose for at least 30 seconds to a minute. My favorite go to poses are chair and tree among others.

Abs– even stuck in bed you can get a few reps of bicycles, crunches etc.

Push ups
– if you can’t do them on the floor, do them on a wall or counter top. Do as many as you can get in.

It does not need to be a whole lot of reps. But doing these exercises while you are sick will help keep you in routine. Will keep the blood flowing. This is what helps me when I am sick. I do what I can when I can.

Above all drink plenty of fluids, eat well and REST!

Mid Week Motivator: Challenge Yourself

It’s important to challenge yourself. To keep pushing on your workouts. Not doing so can lead to boredom and complacency. Which can eventually lead to stopping altogether.

Challenge yourself by trying something new. Maybe its trying yoga or entering a race. Face your fears in this.
To challenge myself I have entered a half marathon and done a 30 day cross fit at home challenge. Right now I’m in the middle of training with the C25K running app.

Each one has helped me to keep going. Not only that but to get excited about exercising. Challenging yourself is needed to avoid boredom and complacency.

Mid Week Motivator: Pushing Onward


Some days I just do not want to work out. Truly, I drag myself to the park for a run. I was tired from work. It had been a long week. Saturday was usually my off day. I could go on here.

I Push on ward anyways. I go out there even when I don’t want to. When it seems to be the harder choice. Pushing on ward is the better choice. It is the worthier choice.

Because each time you push on ward, it becomes harder to give into excuses. That is what this is all about.

Mid Week Motivator: Short but Intense


Some days there is plenty of time for a workout. On other days not as much. Perhaps time is short or there just seems a lot going on. Do a shorter but intense work out or focus on one area.

A great go to for me is the squat/ push up combo. Start off with 5 push ups, then 25 squats. Upping the squats by 5 until reaching 25. Decrease push ups by 5 until you reach 5.

Short but intense.

Mid Week Motivation: Goals


Motivation is key in this journey to a healthier life. Getting motivated can be difficult. In all honesty my initial motivator for getting healthy was outside of myself . It was orchestrated by God by placing the right people in my life. When I had the mindset to submit to His will.

But it was up to me to continue to get out there each and every day.

The best path to motivation is to first choose a short term goal. One that will prepare you to accomplish your long term goals. Each time I met a goal, I was motivated to pursue more in my next one. My first goal was to run one lap without stopping, then two laps etc. Which eventually lead to my running in the 2014 Miami Half Marathon.

What got you motivated to get healthy?