Mid Week Motivator : Sleep

I have never had problems sleeping. I am also a deep sleeper, it often takes a lot to wake me up.

Sleep is important but it may also not come easy for everyone. If you have issues sleeping please seek professional help. This article is aimed towards people who choose to sleep less.

There seems to be a contest in this country about who can sleep the least. Bragging rights belonging to those who get “by” on X number of hours. The X usually being the least amount.

Getting the sleep we need is vital to overall health. Our bodies and brains need the maximum hours of rest each night. Without it our bodies work hard to compensate. One is food. The body is lacking energy, food creates energy, which leads to overeating.

Another is getting sick. By not getting enough sleep, the body has not had time to repair itself. Cells have not been able to repair themselves.



Gaining Weight, Gaining Perspective


The reality of weight loss is that the work never stops. It can be exhausting, constantly feeling the pressure get that work out in or make that right choice with food. This has been my struggle this year. Not wanting to do what I need to do. I just did not want to have to do anything at all.

Not watch my calories
Not work out as hard as I should.

And I have paid the price for these choices. I have gained weight. I began to feel as if I had no energy again, that no matter how much I slept, I would still feel as if I needed more.

I knew I lacked motivation and though I tried, I did not have it. Knowing what it took for me to lose weight the first time made me hesitate now. There was no way I could replicate that experience.

Nor should I . Because I am older, closer to forty than before. My body is not shy about telling me that. The truth is with my body, I need to workout. I need to eat well. Otherwise, what happens is I gain. My body needs it. My emotional health needs it. My spiritual health needs it.

Because all this is connected. One either helps the other or ends up hindering it.

I need to meet myself where I am right now, not where I was three years ago. In doing so I honor all the hard work I have put in over the years. I honor who I am, my overall health and perhaps too my sanity.

I think better when I eat better and exercise. My stress level goes down. I sleep better. I simply am better.

As my friend advised me at the start of my journey that once I started this, I was on it for life. And so I continue onward.

My goals this time? Run two 5k ‘s .
I am signed up for a fun run called the Bubble Run this month and another one in November. I want to complete a 10k by next January.

Food wise, cut out more sugar from my diet. I have stopped using flavored creamer for my coffee, cut down on my deserts per week.

Mid Week Motivator- The Need For Sleep

In the past I have discussed the need to exercise, eat right and drinking plenty of water of to stay fit. Today I want to address sleep,next week I will talk about rest. which may seem like the same thing but in reality are rather different.

Let’s talk about sleep and how our society frowns upon it. Face it, we live in a world where people brag about how little sleep they get. When I ask one of the young adults in the group I lead at church how they are doing. The answer is usually, “Tired.”. We have scheduled our lives to the point where we continually push back getting sleep. It is seen as an accomplishment. I don’t understand why though. When I do not get the amount of sleep I need ( usually around 7 hours) I know I am not able to think clearly, my filter is off and my temperament changes.

Knowing these things about myself, I make sure to schedule a bed time for myself. Yes, I know growing up we believed one of the marks of adulthood was not having a bed time. Having a set bed time though is a mark of being a grown up. It’s deciding to do what I need to do so I can have the better day. Having a set time to sleep has several benefits for me. First, just as my body knows around what I time I need to wake up, it learns what time I go to sleep. I get the amount of sleep I do need, which gives me the mental and physical energy needed for the next day.

Getting the sleep you need to recharge is key in staying fit. When I was leading at camp this summer, I found myself eating a lot more than usual. I did not understand why until I came across this article explaining that to compensate for lack of sleep the body will demand more food in order for you to have enough energy. It made sense! I was not sleeping well in a room full of middle school girls on an air mattress ( a discomfort which was totally worth it!). So in response my body was demanding more food. Take a second to think about that. If you are not getting the sleep you should how is your body compensating?

Not only is eating too much a potential consequence of lack of sleep but getting sick can be too. With little time for your body to recharge, it can make you susceptible to more colds and flu’s because the body’s natural defenses are not in full force. They are stretched too thin.

Take naps. I found this chart to be helpful in figuring out how long a nap to take. A ten minute cat nap can do a world of good! Even if all you do is lay down and not sleep, your mind and body get to just stop for a few minutes. I always think of other cultures that tend to have siestas or just shut down in the afternoons. Not everyone may be sleeping but they sure are resting or taking the time to enjoy their mid day meal. Then recharged they go back to work.

Brag about how much sleep you are getting and how well rested you feel the next time you hear someone bragging about how little sleep they got. What helps you to get the sleep you need?

I do want to concede that I do not struggle with insomnia or have issues staying asleep. This particular blog is geared for those who believe getting less sleep is better. I also do not have children or an overnight work schedule ( but I have in the past so I understand how hard it is to get the sleep you need.) If you are having a hard time sleeping please seek medical help, proper sleep is important for your overall health.