Mid Week Motivator- Getting The Diet Back On Track

I do not know about the rest you but this past week has wrecked havoc on my diet. I was out of my usual routine which to led poor food choices and my exercise routine being interrupted was part of this. I own that I basically gave up and indulged more than usual. By the Thursday after Easter I had reached my limit on chocolate! Not only was there Easter candy but treats given to me for administrative assistants day and I ATE IT ALL. Even as I ate the last chocolate truffle I reconized that I did not feel well. I was not sick to my stomach but I felt tired. A tired feeling I had not experienced since I have begun this journey to health. It was not only this previous week but the weeks leading up to this moment that gave me pause. I had become rather loose with what I have been eating and those results were starting to show.


I have maintained my weight since I met my goal weight. There have been fluctuations lately some of my pants have felt a bit tighter than they have in the past. I know this is nothing new for a lot of us out there. I can tell myself that how I ate is really not so terrible. In some aspects it really is not however allowing for these few poor choices can lead to more poor choices. I do not want to go back to being the fat girl. I need a healthy fear of the old me coming back and take action. So I had to step and back and face facts. I was being lazy, something I am far too prone to do. It was easier to give in to temptation, to tell myself that this cookie, cake, ice cream was justified. After all I had worked out that day, the calories will just melt away! It can be too easy to continue down this road.


The question becomes how can it be stopped. I can only speak for myself and what I can do. I can give advice and tips but please keep in mind this is what has worked for me in the past. I am also single and do not have a family who desires certain kinds of food. What am I going to do to get back on track? Go back to what worked for me in the past.


Walk away from the food spread out for the meeting. This was my downfall the other week.. I did not bring my lunch or snack to work and indulged in the bagels and muffins laid out.


Say no to gifts of candy- this can be hard, especially when you know that they are giving them to you out of love. I can accept them but perhaps give them away to someone else. It is not the gift givers fault that I had not told them I was abstaining from sweets or at least pulling back.


Not buying my trigger foods and snacks. I have been bad about this lately. Telling myself those lies of “Its frozen yogurt.” as I help myself to another scoop. Going to go back to my old staple of frozen fruit and abstaining from desert more often. I have done it before, I can do it again. Often my other favorite alternative is to chew gum with ice cubes.


Not eating past 7pm. This is doable however it takes planning. It will mean preparing meals ahead and not eating snacks socially. The last time I did this I did not have as many evening obligations. It is not easy but this can also be done. 


Asking myself why I am eating. Especially when I am not hungry and eating away. The usual answer is boredom. So the antidote to that would be to engage myself in an activity or get away from what it is that is driving me to eat. The only good thing is that most of the food I keep in my house is rather healthy. However too much of anything can become a bad thing.


I  do not have a weightloss goal this time around,other than having my pants feel less tight around the waist. I want to avoid having to purchase new clothes because my old ones are too tight to wear any longer. I simply do not have the funds or patience to do so at this time.

I am not trying to advocate that this is for everyone, and I realize that my view of eating badly may not seem so bad to another person. I can see the slippery, downward slope of these last few weeks. If I am not vigilant then I will find myself right back where this journey began. I do not want that to happen.

The wonderful thing is, it is possible to get back into eating better. Yes it can take time and energy, however anything worth doing will do that. It is important to not allow a few poor choices to continue for more poor choices.


How have you gotten back on your diet after getting off course? When did you realize you had gotten off track ?