Mid Week Motivator: Motivation To Keep Going

I started posting these mid week motivators because at times getting through the week can be hard. Getting to Wednesday can often seem near impossible, forget about Friday or even the weekend. Or what is your Friday depending on your schedule. My hope is for you to find them helpful and encouraging.

Getting through the week, heck even a day can be rough. Just the realization that it is only ______ can be enough to suck the motivation and intention to do what we want to do right out of us. Maybe it is a packed schedule or waiting to get to a certain day because X is going to happen.

Confession time, I too need these mid week motivators. I need to remind myself to keep going in pursing my goals. No matter have tired I am or lacking confidence in where I am. So these are helpful for me and I hope they are for you too.

After all who could not use a little encouragement during the week?

Mid Week Motivator: Summer is Coming



It is nearly summer. Which means beach season is near. And with that comes bathing suits. And spending time in them in public.

How often have we allowed ourselves to miss out because of fear. Fear of what other people may think of us. Perhaps even worse, what we think of ourselves. Judging, comparing, telling ourselves that we do not belong out there.

No matter where you are in your health journey, you can not allow this fear to hold you back. To keep you from enjoying the beach or pool. Making memories with family and friends. Dig your toes into the sand, lay in sun (with applications of sunscreen of course) and rock your swimsuit.

Those Sexy Blog Posts


Not my Hershey, could be his cousin though

Blogging is not easy or for the faint of heart. In my first blog, it was more of a journal only available online. I stopped writing it when I realized I did not know what to write about. Starting up this blog, (and soon to be website ) was different.

Firstly, my writing skills had improved from that first blog. Not only technically, but I also had gained confidence. Having recently finished the first draft of my novel ( a story I had been carrying with me since my teens). Finally, I had a story to tell. Becoming healthy, gaining confidence in my body and my writing. I found my voice.

That is where I began. Telling the story of how I became healthy. The longer I wrote, my voice began to expand into other subjects. Our lives are not lived in these separate categories, at least not as much as we like to think. The more I realized this, the more I began to focus on my faith, writing, running and eating well as a whole. Each aspect feeds into another and not writing about them feels false to me.

I am not a weight loss expert, but I am an expert on my weight loss. I am not a theologian but what I am learning about God is valid for me to write on it. When I write about writing, it focuses more so on my journey in this so far.

I just hope to reach others out here in the vastness of the internet. To help give you a boost, to encourage as I have been encouraged. Which is why I tend to not jump on latest internet band wagon. Because, so often whatever is making the rounds is just not in my wheelhouse.

I could chase after the sexy subjects, blog about yoga pants or condemn a certain film that has been blogged to the death. Adding my voice to the glut already crowding my Twitter and FB pages. It could get me the comments or retweets and likes. Perhaps even new followers.

I could do that, or I could be authentic.

After posting such articles, my new readers would quickly discover I am not that kind of blogger. Just as quickly they would unfollow me and move onto the next blogger. I leave the sexy, internet is on fire posts to those bloggers who do have those subjects in their wheelhouse. I will continue to learn and grow this blog. Continue to grow my authentic voice in the hopes it helps others. When I do write about a sexy subject, it will be when I have something to say authentically and from my heart.

Question For You, Dear Reader
What draws you to read a blog and typically how long do you follow one?

Looking In The Mirror

I have been thinking about body issues lately. More so about the perspective I have about my body. I have been rather hard on myself lately as I have not been running.

I was allowing for the fat girl to return. Someone who I had thought I had let go of nearly three years ago. You can read this post here. I had to put away some clothes that were no longer fit me. Clothes that I had worn since I lost weight. This began my downward spiral in doubting all that I had done. The old fear I had that I would wake up and find myself back at my old weight haunted me.

The thoughts of am I good enough? Did I deserve to be healthy began to pop up in my mind.

So I turned to food as I have always done to find comfort. This time though, it was different. I had no real desire to eat in the way I once done. While I did not always make the best choices, I was making better choices than I would of three years ago. That is where the victory lies.

Maintaining weight is just as hard as losing it. Maintaining for over two years is no easy feat. During the initial weightloss, a lot of attention was given to me. Once people began to notice I was often pulled aside and told to keep going or way to go! It was weird and awkward but thrilling at the same time.

Then it stops because it would be weird and awkward to continually congratulate someone on their past accomplishment.

What I have realized is that my body has finally settled into itself. After the initial weight loss, which was also rather quick, I was simply thin. My mom feared I was too thin. So did a good friend of mine.

At the time,it just felt good to fit into size 4 jeans. It really did. The attention that came along with did too. But being thin isn’t this magical key to the life. I did not become a millionaire or instantly fall in love and get married. Those things are not a “reward” for losing weight.

My body was still changing. I had more muscle to gain. My body was still adjusting to the drastic changes.

It has been three years after I began this journey. Three years of change and adjustment. Both physical and emotional. These days I am more comfortable with myself. I have to remind myself that a my worth is not my jean size.

That as I get older my body will continue to change. As I age what matters is that I take care of this temporary vessel. So that it may carry me to the end of my days for a life well lived.

So look in the mirror and stop being so hard on yourself. Make the changes you need to become healthy. But meet yourself where you are today, right now. And love the person staring back at you.

How have you dealt with your body changing on your journey?

Season of Change

Change is never easy. Even change that is for the better. Change in our lives means navigating new, unknown waters. Too often in my own life knowing this detail about change has held me back from attempting something new. Or having the confidence to say “Yes, I can do that!”. Just over two years ago I was allowing fear and lack of confidence to hold me back.

It is also easier to stay in what we know than to change our circumstances. It is the devil that we know is it not? I was willing to stay in a miserable state simply because it was what I knew.

Then I began my journey to health.

In that journey,I gained the confidence that had eluded me so far in life. It is not just about losing pounds of fat. I emerged changed not only physically but also internally. Having discovered this confidence but by becoming dissatisfied with the status quo of my life. I found I wanted and deserved more.

Currently I am in the midst of a season of change. My writing career is really ( and I must say scarily) taking off. New opportunities are coming my way and part of me wants to hide from all of it. However the other stronger, confident part of my is standing up to embrace this change. No longer will I hide from change, good or bad.

Embracing change has allowed me to grow. Gaining confidence has freed me to pursue dreams. To step outside that comfort zone. To get comfortable with being uncomfortable. To have my sense of where I belong challenged. Embracing change is not easy but in doing so I have begun to emerge as the woman I am today. The person I am in the process of becoming.

Mid Week Motivator- Believe and Amazing Things Can Happen

It takes confidence to take on new things in life. This is something that is not easy to come by. It’s not like you can pick it up at the store.

Having confidence is rather new for me. For so many years I allowed Fear to drain me of any notion of confidence.

I have discovered that confidence is gained two fold. First, you have to believe that you can do it. When I started running I did not think I could run a single lap without stopping. Thanks to a friend’s encouragement, I did it. Then one lap became two, then three and on and on. Confidence takes practice, once you know you can do it, whatever it is, it becomes easier.

The other part, the biggest part is my faith in Christ. The more I grew in my faith. The more I understood I was a beloved daughter, royalty in fact, the more confidence I gained.

I grew in my confidence not only in my physical abilities but also in my ability to write. To write well, to put my words out there either to be accepted or rejected.

Confidence cannot be bought but it can be found. For me that began when I grew in Christ and  a willingness to try new things. To keep on trying regardless of success or failure.

I truly have new life because of the work God does in me. Because I have confidence within me to live a full life. I believe the statement below.


Tweet I sent out yesterday

How have you gained confidence?

Mid Week Motivator- Getting Back Out There

It is not easy to keep working consistently. It is a huge commitment to oneself and keeping that up can be tough. Whether or not you have dialed back your workouts or have stopped entirely there is hope! It will not be easy getting back into the routine of working out but it can be done.


First, be honest with yourself. Why have you stopped working out? What has changed in your life? What were you not getting out of your workouts? It is important to assess all of this.


Next ask yourself the following questions. What is my goal? No goal is too small. However having one is so important in getting back into it. Then once you reach that goal, set another one.


Now look at your schedule. When can you workout? It may not seem like it but you can fit it into your busy life. Maybe it means getting up earlier or moving something around. It will not be easy the first few times but before you know it can become a habit again. Not every workout needs to be an hour. Do you have 20min? We all have 20 min at some point in the day, start with that and then add 10 min each day. Eventually you will see the time is there.


Who can you work out with? If you do not have to do this alone, don’t. I can assure you there is someone in your life who would love to join you. Knowing that another person is setting aside their time to meet you is a great motivator. Plus the two of you can encourage each other.


Asking for accountability. Ask a good friend to follow up with you about your workouts. This is not meant to make you feel guilty about not working out. Instead think of it as a bragging moment. Sharing what awesome thing happened during that day’s workout can only push you do more on the next one!


Are you coming back from an injury? Modify,modify, modify. You can still work hard and not hurt yourself. Consult your doctor and listen to your body.


You are not the person you used to be when you were working out consistently. Go slow at first. For instance if you used to run a lot then start with walking and run in short intervals. If you try to go all out as used during the first week back at it then you are setting yourself up for failure. As I mentioned before, set a goal. Try out a local gym with a friend. See if you like the enviroment and what they have to offer. Check out local parks or try a different kind of exercise. Perhaps a yoga class or zumba.


Running errands or hanging out at home? Wear your workout clothes, already wearing them can lead to a work out since you will not need to stop and change.


You can do this. You are worth the investment.






Gaining Confidence

This past January marked the two year anniversary of the beginning my journey to health. I can not quite believe how the time has flown! I showed up at the park that first day without expectation. All I knew was that I was ready and willing. To this day I am still amazed at the transformation that followed. So many things took me by surprise,becoming a runner for one. Another thing that I found surprising how I became more of myself as I lost weight.


As I Gained confidence in my physical abilities, this  lead to confidence in other areas of my life. One of those areas is in my writing. I have always written, whether it was a journal or the pages of fan fiction I scribbled away during French class in high school. Stopping and starting short stories and a novel that would in the end take me fifteen years to finish. Looking back I realized I had such trouble finishing my stories not because I lacked ideas but because I lacked confidence. I just did not believe that I could write well.


For years I looked at writing as my secret. It was just a hobby like any other and there it would stop. I took stabs at public writing here and there. Started a blog which really had no direction and ended up closing it out. During the time of my weightless, I also became fast and great friends with Wendy. She played an integral role in helping me gain confidence in my writing. Lovingly chiding me for not writing so much each day. Forcing me to sit and think about what I want to do with this talent.


 Not only did I find I was gaining confidence in my physical and writing abilities but also confidence in friendships. For years I had friends but kept people at a distance. I lacked confidence that I was enough for them. I struggled heartily with jealousy, when discovering my friends had all hung out together and I was not called to join in the fun. Or when inside jokes would be told and I was not clued in. Feeling hurt I built a wall around my heart. Holding people up to a standard that they were unaware.


Over the years I had let some people in but for the most part I was rather closed off. If I had this much trouble with friends forget about dating! Dating scared me. The idea of someone learning all the ins and out of who I am terrified me. At this point in my life I was not honest with who I was, did not understand love so how could I possibly know how to love anyone? I lacked confidence that I knew how to love.


Honestly my journey to health did not begin that first day at the park. It really began when I came forward down the aisle at church longing for Christ. From that time forward God began to work on me. No matter how much I resisted, no matter how long I stayed a baby Christian. God had me all along the way and still does. Patiently and not always so kindly but needed I learned to seek Him in all things. To be thankful in seasons of hardship. Through that time, in that time is when I grew confident in His love for me. That the more I cast aside my plans, hopes and wants and submitted to His will that my life improved.


It was God who placed a friend in my life to get me physically healthy. It was God who has put these amazing women and men in my life who have shown me again and again what love can truly look like in the everyday, nitty gritty life. It was God who healed me of my closed off ways and jealous tendencies. It was Him who gave me this writing talent in which I hope to do some good. It was Him who has given me the gift of confidence in all things.


I am a new person since I have begun this journey. Trying new things and putting my heart and love out there for the taking. Willing to put my writing out there for public consumption. I finished that novel I started as a teenager. I want to read through it once more before I start querying it for I feel it is a story that needs telling. Taking a chance and stretching my skills as I figure out what it means to be a freelance writer.


I am not willing to hide anymore as I used to, unafraid of rejection for that will come. Rejection is part of life. If I am being rejected then that means I have the confidence to go out there in the first place. That is one of the more valuable lessons and truths I have gained on this journey. That is why I am adamant that losing weight is not just about food and exercise but life as a whole. Sometimes when I look around that message is not so clear. The emphasis is on the newest diet or exercise and I get that, it is a billion dollar industry. However if your motivation is to be the person in the dvd or magazine and not yourself then you are just fooling yourself. Decide to step up and reclaim your health for you! If you are willing , and give in to the process fully, you too can look back a year or two and be amazed.

You too can have a story of how you used to be before confidence got ahold of your life! Or perhaps you already have a story to tell. I am taking submissions for guest posts at LindaSharonConnelly@gmail.com