Mid Week Motivator: Five Reasons To Buddy Up


It can be hard to get out there and commit to a healthier lifestyle. As with anything else in life, this cannot be done alone. Especially when you are starting out. When I started working out, having a buddy there was hugely important. Here are my five reasons to buddy up.

1. Accountability– When you know your friend(s) are setting aside their time as well, it gives you more reason to get up and GO!

2- You Work Harder– No matter the kind of work out, you will push yourself a bit more. Lets face it, being competitive is in our nature.

3-It Is Bonding– I can attest that a few of my close friendships were forged by working out together. When sweating alongside someone, nothing is hidden.

4- You Learn New Things– Your buddy may know more about using weights and you know about running. I have learned how to get more out of my squats and push ups from one buddy. I in turn helped her learn how to pace herself while running.

5- You Become More Motivated– The more you work out, the more it becomes a habit. There will be times you are not able to meet up with your buddy. Do not let this not stop you!You can text your buddy and brag on yourself. You will see that going out there alone is not as daunting as it once was.

You may start working out with a friend and it just does not work. For whatever reason. As with any relationship, this cannot be forced. Or its a scheduling issue. You may end up meeting up for a few weeks or from time to time.

What other benefits have you found working out with a buddy?

Survival Guide To Valentine’s Day


So yes, it’s that time again. That time of year when Christmas is swapped out for Valentine’s Day. I do not know about where you live but this happened even before Christmas Eve had passed.

Seriously, corporate America?

But it struck me. The way it is being sold to us, this holiday is not about love. Nope. This is all business.

But what is being sold to us is not love. It is in fact marketing geared to sell us lies about love.

The lie being sold to us is that you are only loved if you are in a relationship.
That the only kind of love that matters is romantic love. But love, real love is so much more than sappy greeting cards and chocolate with an obscenely long shelf life.

Real love is being in real community. Once I discovered my worth in Christ, I discovered love. Love for myself, love for others and even love for strangers. But the world tells us that you are only loved if you are in a relationship. This is far from the truth because I am well loved.

This has taken me a while to get here. To understand that there is all kinds of love and it is not limited as we have been taught.

Another lie is that if you are in a relationship, then you must spend $$$ to show as much. Pressure is placed on all of us then. Those in a relationship and those who are not.

But, only if we allow corporate entities to define love and how this should look.

How can this be done?
For a start, dear fellow singles. Remember you are loved. Look around at your family and community. Your worth today and every day is not measured by the receiving of cards and gifts. Reach out to your fellow singles and go OUT to celebrate. Or  stay in and binge on Netflix and chocolate? A totally valid choice. This year,I hope to go dancing with my good friends on Valentine’s Day. I want to celebrate friendship and community.

I do not need to be in a couple to celebrate love.

For my coupled friends, do not allow yourself to get stressed out about this day either. You know it’s totally fine for you to binge watch Netflix and eat chocolate in your pajamas.
I came across this on Pinterest and thought it rather interesting.



Off To Camp I Go ( Again)

I am leading at camp again this week. Things are a bit different than last year, but the mission remains the same. This was taken last year on the final day of mission camp. I will be busy the entire week supervising middle schoolers as they serve our community, study the book of James, develop closer relationships with each other and worship God. It will be a week of late nights, little sleep, lots of deep conversations and laughs. It will be fun, growing and exhausting. I can not wait to sleep on the floor and wake up my girls each morning. Really, I can not wait!

Follow me on Twitter @lindasconnelly for updates and pictures!

I will be taking a break from blogging for the rest of this month. I will return to my regular blogging schedule in the beginning of July.

I’ve Been Nominated!!

I have been plugging away at this blog for a while now ( just over a year, first at Blogger and now here). Today my dear friend and fellow blogger Janet ( check out her blog on Living with Anxiety and Panic Disorder www.livingwithanxietyandpanicdisorder.wordpress.com ) and Honest Reviews, great stuff on both!) nominated me for a Leibster Award! First thank you Janet for nominating me for this, even though I admit I did have to do some research about it.


This award motivates bloggers to work hard

It provides exposure to small bloggers

It helps to build god relationships with other bloggers

It is an opportunity to share more about you with others

It is easy and good fun


Once someone nominates you, follow the steps below

1- Thank the person that nominated you!

2- Post 11 facts about yourself

3- Answer the 11 questions posted by the person who nominated you

4- Nominate 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers that you think deserve some recognition

5- Inform those bloggers that you’ve nominated them!

6- Post 11 questions for them to answer.


So here it goes!


Eleven Facts

1- I admit and embrace my nerdiness and devotion to sci- fi, most particularly to Doctor Who these days.

2- I own a cat and I tend to instagram (@lindasconnelly and tweet (@lindasconnelly) about him way too much

3- Though I just turned 35 I believe my mental age to be about 25.

4- Blue is my favorite color and not because it matches it eyes.

5- Daydreaming is one of my favorite past times

6- I find running to be fun at times

7- I am obsessed with all the uses for Coconut Oil ( seriously there are A LOT!)

8- I don’t take advantage of living so close to the keys nearly enough ( this I will change in the future.)

9- I made my own coffee creamer then paid for it when I did not properly date it.

10- Journaling helps clarify my thoughts and I do it before I write anything.

11- I would not be who I am today if I did not follow Jesus.


And now for Janet’s questions for me.


1-Why did you decide to start blogging?


After getting healthy I had people approaching me about how I did it and decided blogging would be the best platform.


2- What is your biggest dream in life?


I hope to be able to support myself fully by writing within five years.


3- If you could have dinner with one person living or dead, who would it be and why?


This is hard but I honestly think a meal with Audrey Hepburn would be amazing. She lead such an interesting and loving life and having a conversation with her over a good meal would just be wonderful!


4- If you could change one thing about your, what would it be?


Nothing. I am exactly where I need to be at this point in my life.


5- Have you ever fired a gun?


Not yet, would like to try it at least once.


6- Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?


Neither, I have exactly the amount of intelligence and looks I can handle hahahaha!



7-What is your favorite joke?


That is really silly, Why six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine!


8- What is the worst present you have ever received?


None come to mind. Anytime someone puts the time and effort into a gift then how can it be bad?


9- What is your worst fear?


Not living a full life.


10- Is there anything about the opposite sex you just don’t understand or comprehend?


Loaded question! EVERYTHING!


11- Do you want to build a snow man?


Very badly, let’s do it!


Confession time, I honestly do not have a list of blogs to nominate and pass this along to. Getting nominated was great news then I began to feel guilty about this. I only have two that I would recommend taking the time to read and even follow. One belongs to Janet Mickley who nominated me and the other is a young lady who has begun to follow my blog. A college student named Cece I spent an evening reading through her posts and found them to thoughtful, intriguing and most of all full of young wisdom. Check her out her blog Excuse My Truths at www.excusemytruth.wordpress.com


Here are my 11 questions :


1- What inspires you to write a blog?

2- Have you ever wanted to restart a day?

3- During which television show do your friends know not to call you during?

4- How have you faced a fear head on in the last six months?

5- What was the result of facing it?

6- When was the last time you called someone instead of communicating via text or social media?

7-What are your hopes in writing a blog?

8- Have you felt discouraged in writing it?

9- Did you have an amazing, unexpected surprise lately?

10- You are given $1,000 and told to give it all away. What would you do?

11- What is your favorite ice cream flavor?