Mid Week Motivator: Nano Prep


So perhaps you have decided to participate in Nanowrimo. The next thing that your thinking is what now?

This is the time to prepare, outline, characters and plot. You can either plan or you can fly by your pants.

Some will prefer to use detailed outlines. Others not as much.

Maybe right now all you have a vague notion. A sentence beginning with those iconic words What If?

All you need right now is the rest of the question. This is your starting point.

How Television Taught Me To Write

Besides books, my other teacher in story has been television. Especially when it comes to character development. At first glance it may seem odd to say that, but stick with me.

Ever re watch a favorite series from the beginning? In it’s own way this is like rereading a book. Getting to revisit old characters and witness their growth. Details that were once forgotten are remembered.

Currently I am working my way through Gilmore Girls. I loved this show watching it the first time it aired. Watching it again, I have enjoyed it even more. Noticing details that perhaps were missed the first time around.

Seeing  a character arc develope and change from the beginning. At the start of the series the main character Lorelie Gilmore is determined to live her life as far away from the priveleged world she grew up in. While that never really changes, the way she handles it does. In the beginning, lorelie would jump at the chance to run away from her parents and the confrontations with them. In later seasons, she is the one to force a confrontation in order for her family to reconcile.

Which comes back to character. A great character changes while staying true to the essence of who they were at the start. The reason why people enjoy good shows. They want characters to care about, someone with whom they can identify. The genre does not matter, whether or not you like dramas, comedies or sci-fi. The best shows, the ones that have stood the test of time are ones with in depth characters.

A great show or movie is like a great book. A place or world that we long to visit again and again.

It’s also fun to see how things changed from the first season to the last. Background characters who were dropped from the show or a plotline too!

What shows do you enjoy revisiting?