Mid Week Motivator: C25k


I have completed C25k ( Couch 25K)! This coaching app helped me to get back into running. It doesn’t matter if you have been running for a while and have gotten into a slump. Or if you haven’t run at all. It meets you right where you are at and trains you to complete a 5k.

I must admit the last few weeks were rather scattered with my efforts. Finding it too hot to run out side, I opted instead to complete the work outs at home. Keeping moving for the duration of the 30 minutes. Then there was the week I wasn’t feeling well. Then the week I lead at camp.

But I kept on doing it. I was determined to finish this time around. All that is left is to run a 5k. I think I will begin training for a 10k next.

Finish what you started. If you don’t finish well use that as way to take stock. Ask yourself the hard questions, why was it hard? What caused you to lose motivation? Were you stuck too much in your head?

The first time I used C25k all the above affected my ability to finish. This time around I reminded myself how I had done this before and will again. That it is alright to go at my own pace. To meet myself where I am. But not allowing myself to stay there.

Season of Change

Change is never easy. Even change that is for the better. Change in our lives means navigating new, unknown waters. Too often in my own life knowing this detail about change has held me back from attempting something new. Or having the confidence to say “Yes, I can do that!”. Just over two years ago I was allowing fear and lack of confidence to hold me back.

It is also easier to stay in what we know than to change our circumstances. It is the devil that we know is it not? I was willing to stay in a miserable state simply because it was what I knew.

Then I began my journey to health.

In that journey,I gained the confidence that had eluded me so far in life. It is not just about losing pounds of fat. I emerged changed not only physically but also internally. Having discovered this confidence but by becoming dissatisfied with the status quo of my life. I found I wanted and deserved more.

Currently I am in the midst of a season of change. My writing career is really ( and I must say scarily) taking off. New opportunities are coming my way and part of me wants to hide from all of it. However the other stronger, confident part of my is standing up to embrace this change. No longer will I hide from change, good or bad.

Embracing change has allowed me to grow. Gaining confidence has freed me to pursue dreams. To step outside that comfort zone. To get comfortable with being uncomfortable. To have my sense of where I belong challenged. Embracing change is not easy but in doing so I have begun to emerge as the woman I am today. The person I am in the process of becoming.