Writing Utensils - Pen and Keyboard

To Write or Not To Write…

When I began blogging consistently over four years ago I wanted a place to tell my weightloss story. Then it evolved into a more organic form of blogging, scheduled but organic. I say organic because I did not have a real strategy for what I was doing. Some months it was focused on faith, other times the writing process and then back to weightloss. I truly do not know if being so all over the map hindered the way my blog grew.

In the last few months, as I moved this blog back to WordPress and not posting as often. I have taken time to think about what I want to do.

I was excited to begin my career as a freelance writer, but excitment can only get one so far when fear is involved. Looking back I have allowed fear to creep in and lie to me. I got a few jobs for writing but I did not follow through as I should have with them. Working them to lead me to another job and another because I feared not having a consistent paycheck to depend on. In fact I still do.

So much of the fear has to do with a lack of education on my part. I’ve been lazy and distracted by the busyness of my life. It doesn’t help matters that I am unsure of how to categorize myself as a writer, what box or boxes do I check off? Do I want to check off those boxes? I am not sure that my skills as a writer are best suited for on spec work.

I have not worked in my novel as I should of been and how I want to. I have stories to tell and tell them I will. One thing I do know is that I want to write and I will always write. No matter the form it takes. Will it be blogging, publishing a book or scribbling in a notebook? Perhaps all three, perhaps one or two of them. In some way, writing will always be in my life. A writer I will always be, a writer I have always been.

What Am I Worth?

One of aspects of becoming a freelance writer is figuring out how to charge for my services. I have found this to be rather diffcult.  I wanted the internet to dictate to me how much I am worth. Honestly I wanted to come across a list or table that would help me in this regard. I kept coming across the same advice, charge what your time is worth. 

Charge what my time is worth.In my mind this translates into charge what you are worth. This has forced me to examine what I believe myself to be worthy of charging for my services. All my working life I have been told you will be paid x amount for this  number of hours. The worth of my time, talent and abilities was already set for me. I was told what I was worth in terms of an hourly rate. 


However starting out as a freelancer, it was now up to me to decide what my time, talent and abilities was worth. Then, I realized that I was not sure what I am worth. How does one translate that into a monetary figure?This is where I got stuck. What is my time worth? What am I worth?

This is a hard question and perhaps I am over thinking. So much of my journey has been discovering my worthiness. As I grow in my relationship with Christ I have learned that I have been made worthy. It has been a struggle figuring out who I am. That my writing is worth being paid well. I had to let this wash over me. It seemed somehow preposterous that anyone would want to pay me for writing. But they have. They have come back to for repeat service. Which is what drives me to continue to  pursue writing.


After much some contemplation and prayer I came up with prices, depending on the project. Some will likely take longer than others. I hope for a variety of work that challenges and grows my skills not only as a writer but also as a person. This is not just about making a living but living a life well. 



I am based in the South Florida area. I offer services in tutoring, editing, content, copy writing and more. Contact me at Lindasharonconnelly@gmail.com for prices.