Organization Is Key


The other day, as I was finally tackling the disaster that my desk had become I came across a bill. A bill due that day that I had tossed onto my desk thinking I would just remember. Of course I did not because I was not organized. The photo up top is not my desk but in terms of messiness it is close to the state it was in.

So I began to straighten up my desk. As I did so, I realized that my desk was not the only thing disorganized in my life. How I have been using my time was in just a bad a state. I have to be more intentional about how I do use my time.
Especially as I seek work freelancing, writing for this blog and my fiction work. Not to mention all the other things in my life. My day job, volunteering, time with family and friends. And of course working out.

To combat this issue I pulled out some construction paper and a permanent marker. On one sheet I wrote out all my monthly bills, the dates they were due and amounts. Then on the other sheet, I wrote out the days of the week. Underneath each is exactly what I intend to do with my time. It is not any different from what I was already halfway doing. But now, seeing it written out helps me. I did not assign any times of day to my tasks, I often feel doing that makes it more stressful. While I do like To Do lists, I do not like them to be rigid. I enjoy flexibility in my life.

My hope in being more intentional and organized with my time, that it will lead to success. Success on the full sense of the word. To not only earn most of my income through writing by the end of this year. To also do all the things well in my life. Being a daughter, sister, friend. Balancing work, writing and ministry as well. Not to mention scheduling time to read, binge on Netflix and exercise. Allowing myself to reboot. Without ensuring that, then nothing can ever be done well.

This isn’t new for me, I have always enjoyed organizing things in my life. It’s the consistency in keeping them organized where I falter.

How do you help keep yourself on track?

Mid Week Motivator- Exercising to Show Our Bodies Tough Love

In continuing the theme for this month on loving our bodies, I want to talk about exercising. My habit of exercising did not come naturally. I was the kid in PE class who always straggled behind all the rest. My daydreaming ways kept from being any good on any team sport. Honestly it still is though my skills in Ultimate Frisbee have greatly improved of late. As I stated above, exercise has become a habit for me.


As we all know exercise is key in losing weight and maintaining. There is no getting off or stopping once the goal is reached. It was not a something I would chose to do. Partly because I was not sure of what to do and partly out of laziness. Just as with food, it is important to have a healthy attitude towards working out.


As with anything else it will take practice. Practice of getting into the habit, practice in doing the actual exercises. Yep, it takes practice. Putting your body through these moves means doing something new and different. That first time out you will not do a perfect push up or run a mile in ten minutes. That will come later.


It is an investment in your life. Just as how you perceive your body and what you eat is an investment. Exercising is an investment. Figuring out what you like to do or need to do can take a bit of time. Depending on what you are wanting to do.


When I started out I met up with a friend at a local park. This helped me to develop my habit of exercising daily. Knowing that someone is waiting for you and using their time to work out with you is a great motivator. At first I went because I knew my friend was there but over time I began to show up for myself. It became important for me to show up each and every day.


I made it an important part of my day. Working out became part of my daily schedule. An important appointment I had with myself. I had (and still do) my tough days where I just do not want to do it. Where I am still sore from the workout the day before. But it is worth it to do it. What can you delay or do to ensure you have the time to workout? Take a hard look at your schedule.


Something else I have learned is that not every workout has to be an hour long. You can still get in a great work out in less time. Either is means focusing on one part of the body instead of a whole body work out. In other words you can make it work with your schedule. Either alone or with friends.


Exercise helps to reduce stress. It has helped to let go of things going on in my life. Which in turn has given me a healthier outlook on my life. I also sleep better. Not only do I get to sleep so much easier, I also sleep so much better. I truly feel better rested and ready for the day. I think better and just feel better overall.


It gives you a break from the day. As I stated above, exercise helps me with stress. But it also allows you to be away from the omnipresence of technology in today’s world. Turn off your phone and take a break.


You can try new things. You don’t have to love all kinds of exercise but it falls into the category of trying out new things. There are so many ways to get healthy that are fun. You can do almost any type of exercise to keep healthy. There is no need to get bored. When running became boring for me I added running hills and am about to finish a 30 day crossfit at home challenge. I may try a 30 day yoga challenge next.


Investing in your body in this way is also showing love to yourself. Loving my body from accepting it for what it is and all that it does is the most healthy thing I can do. I am loving my body in all the ways I care for it. This does not guarantee that by eating well and exercising I will always have good health. It does however mean I will have a better, fuller life now. And that is so precious.