Lessons From Camp

This past week was amazing. It was a week of leading at my Church’s camp. Our third since we began nearly three years ago. The week is hard, mentally, physically and spiritually draining. All of it in a such a good way. Seeing how much these teens go all out from serving the community, worshipping and having fun is a balm for my soul.

I was asked this year why I lead at camp each year. There are multiple reasons I continue to sign up to serve each year. Part of it is that I did not get to experience this as a teen myself, coming to believe in Jesus in my late twenties. Getting to help out at camp these past four years has shaped my in my walk so much.

It was at the first camp that I felt compelled to lead the young adults ministry. A ministry that continues to grow as the young adults grow in relationship with each other and Jesus. It was at camp that God stretched me the most. Showing me where I lacked as a leader and what my strengths are in that. During camp  I get to observe our students pastor how to lead well and lovingly.

The week at camp is hard. It pulls me out of my comfort zone. Physically it means less sleep, being out in the hot sun and talking more so than one ever thought they could. Mentally it is draining in dealing with all the situations that come up, not to mention that our lives do not stop. Spiritually, it is challenging and hard because you want the teens to know Jesus. For them to continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus after camp is over.

All of it is worth it.

I love seeing how these kids embrace serving the community. They sign up knowing full well that this week is full of early mornings, hard work, and late nights. Our church comes together to help serve at the worship services, preparing lunches and serving dinner.

[Tweet “It is a such a beautiful thing to truly be in a community. We are a body of broken people seeking Jesus together.”]

It is a such a beautiful thing to truly be in a community. We are a body of broken people seeking Jesus together. Camp would not happen without everyone contributing in some way for it to happen. For that I am grateful.

Now we all recover and sleep for a week.

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