Dear Miss Linda —  I miss one of my favorite babysitters, you know. The one who was never too much of a grown up to act crazy with me. The one who made silly faces. The one who smuggled me coffee at church (Don’t worry, it’s still our secret.) I hope you’re having a good day even though it’s not your day. I heard it’s a fool’s day and you’re one of the only people I don’t hear Mommy call a “blasted fool” but I didn’t want you to feel left out so I thought I’d write you a note. Happy April Fools Day!!

Love, #mctoddler


    You da yo.. Like for realzies. Girl, you da cherry on top of a strawberry milkshake. You da piña to da colada. You the hot sauce on my pizza… The fizz in the soda…THE MOST LINDA OF ALL THE LINDAS!! Lol aka i love you soo much :*



  2. Woof woof. Woofwoofwoof woof. Woof. (Woofbarkwoof.)

    Translated: Nice guest post #mctoddler. I miss you too, Miss Linda. You were the best dog sitter ever. (But I will never forgive you for giving her that coffee.)



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