Mid Week Motivator: Healthy Eating, Healthy Budgeting

Eating healthy on a budget is hard. Believe me when I tell you that it can be done! It means making different choices than you are in the habit of making. It does take time, to plan meals ahead, prepping and cooking. What follows is a list of what works for me to eat well on a tight budget.

Plan & Strategize

I know what I’m getting before I walk through the doors of any grocery store. Along with my list, I have a strategy. Start with the fresh fruit and vegetables. Then that weeks necessities etc. When I don’t do this I end making more impulsive purchases. By not making impulsive purchases this helps my budget.

Shop Around

I shop at a few stores. It may seem like work but it’s worth it. Some weeks I go to two different stores, other weeks three or one. It depends on sales, my time and how much I need to buy. My favorite places are close by, Aldi, Publix and from time to time Wal-Mart. At Aldi I get the majority of my fresh fruits and vegetables. Publix has the few items I can’t find at Aldi for the right price. Wal-Mart fills in the gaps.

Eat Similar Foods

I’m not saying to eat the same things day in and day out. However by purchasing similar foods each week, the budget is healthier. Plus it makes the planning aspect far easier to do. I know where my items are located so my shopping trips are rather quick. There is no hemming or hawing. Or for those unplanned items to not end up at home. 

By buying healthier foods, it means more cooking at home (something I will touch on next week). The temptation to run through a drive thru is simply not an option. Either because the funds aren’t there or even better something tastey waiting at home. That is the best thing ever. 


Story Monday : The Seduction Of True Crime

Last fall I became addicted to the Serial Podcast, this series now in its second season examined a murder case from 1999. I won’t rehash the entire season here but the details of the case were rather interesting. It painted a picture of how easy it would be for the wrong set of circumstances can upend one’s life.

The series grabbed my imagination and in it’s wake were other podcasts that have continued to look at the details of this case. Who really killed Hae May and did Sayeed do it? Did he have help or is he wholly innocent? At this time Sayeed is preparing for his appeal trial.

True crime stories have always captured the public’s imagination. My first brush with this genre with In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. This book propelled Truman into fame and continues to be examined.

Then there is OJ Simpson case, which spelled the beginning of the end for daytime soap operas. The Memphis Three whose story was chronicled in documentaries and books. Eventually leading to the young men being released.

But what is it about these kinds of stories that fascinates us? Is it that from our vantage point that we feel safe to look into the lurid truth if some lives?

Perhaps it is this permission that is given in these cases to examine lives under a microscope. Those juicy secrets of the private lives of others. The twists and turns of our justice system that can occur.

In these stories, as with any great story, we see ourselves in them. Our lives turned upside down. Fighting to be heard or dealing with the consequences of being pushed too far. Story encompasses so much in our daily lives. True crime stories capture our imagination for many reasons.