Honor Your Writing Process

The writing process is a complicated, highly individualized concept. It is something that takes time to discover for oneself. Discovering what this looks for you looks different for everyone.

It takes time for me. This writing thing. It is so hard and draining. I often end up putting aside what I’m working for periods of time. I don’t understand why my characters are why the way they are. At least not until it’s been revealed to me.

What I’ve learned is that it takes time for the  story to reveal itself.[Tweet “What I’ve learned is that it takes time for the  story to reveal itself.”]

Once you understand what works best for you, honor it. Take away those distractions that hinder you. Let the work speak to your heart. 

It takes work.  In my process, I have to work at it. The breakthroughs only come after pushing through the hard parts. The dead ends and circles eventually lead to the solutions. Setting aside the time and sticking to a schedule is also key.

Honoring your process means being consistent with writing. It means working through crap drafts and setting aside projects when it is needed. It means protecting your time, saying no to invitations and obligations.

Another thing, what works for one writer may not work for yourself. This is  part of the process, figuring out if the early morning works for you or not. For myself, I find I work best late afternoon to evenings. Some prefer a tight outline while mine are more loose. I also don’t write everyday. It’s just not possible with my schedule. Instead I schedule a few days a week where I can write, when I know I won’t be hurried or too distracted by the rest of my life.

It will take trial and error. But you’ll discover what works best. Once you do, honor it.



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