The Year of Being Stretched

For the past few years I have chosen a word to define and shape my year. In years past I have chosen Yes, Love, Boldness. This year was the year of Stretch.

It has been a year of ups and downs. Of grieving the loss of lives gone too soon, and others at the end of years of battling illnesses. A year of medical diagnosis’, witnessing the fragility of health. A year of evolving friendships, some getting closer while others stagnated.

It has been a year of changes at work. Adjusting to a new boss, being challenged with my writing. Finally being offered a new job in ministry with kids. A lesson in what God does through me, shows more than I ever believed.

It has been a year of gaining weight and finding myself searching for motivation to eat well and exercise.

Seeing God work through all of that and work in me too. Forcing me to face my neediness and jealousy issues. To pull back the layers of the why behind it all.

By choosing a word for the past few years, it has allowed for clarity. For me to view and process through it.

Mid Week Motivator: Adapt as Needed

Make time for those healthy choices during this hectic month. And after too.

Plan realistically. Look at what waylays you from eating well and working out. You know exactly what your kryptonite can be. Mine is sugar and laziness in working out or choosing the drive thru instead of cooking. I try to keep healthier options on hand for when those treats start to fill up the conference rooms. Or eat my bigger meal earlier in the day since I may not get home until late that night. Plan work out dates with your friends. Or create a workout to go along with that Netflix binge. In other words, Adapt as needed.

Sleep! Sleep is key in overall health.