Writing Is Hard


Some days, writing be like- morguefile.com

Writing is hard. It has been said before. Finding the right words can be difficult. Whether it be a blog post, poem or story. It is hard because my heart and soul goes into what I do.

As frustrating as it can often be, I do not give up. Writing words, expressing myself in this way is who I am. When I write, I feel a kinship with those who came before me. Those writers I grew up reading, ones I am discovering now who are my comrades in words.

They understand why we keep going back, to writing despite how difficult it can often become. How mentally exhausted I feel getting through a difficult passage or plot point. There are days I want to quit.

But I cannot. Writing is ingrained in me.
Just because it can be hard or uncomfortable does not mean I should stop.

That is when the good stuff is just starting. Pushing through the difficult passage or figuring out a character is worth the struggle. Because something is hard, does not mean it is impossible.

Writing is hard, as it should be.

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