Writing Is Hard


Some days, writing be like- morguefile.com

Writing is hard. It has been said before. Finding the right words can be difficult. Whether it be a blog post, poem or story. It is hard because my heart and soul goes into what I do.

As frustrating as it can often be, I do not give up. Writing words, expressing myself in this way is who I am. When I write, I feel a kinship with those who came before me. Those writers I grew up reading, ones I am discovering now who are my comrades in words.

They understand why we keep going back, to writing despite how difficult it can often become. How mentally exhausted I feel getting through a difficult passage or plot point. There are days I want to quit.

But I cannot. Writing is ingrained in me.
Just because it can be hard or uncomfortable does not mean I should stop.

That is when the good stuff is just starting. Pushing through the difficult passage or figuring out a character is worth the struggle. Because something is hard, does not mean it is impossible.

Writing is hard, as it should be.

One Light In The Darkness


I have had this blog for just over two years. In that time, I hope at least, that my story and posts have been helpful.
Helpful and encouraging to those looking to become healthy, explore story and explore other topics such as faith and singleness.

I want to do more. For a while it has been on my heart to help those trapped in the vicious cycle of sex trafficking.
But I was stuck in how to do this and how to do it well. Bringing awareness is a first step, by helping to bring more understanding to this struggle.

What I discovered is that I can use my words, this blog to bring the truth of what is happening. I have signed up to blog for the Exodus Road. An organization that I have been following for sometime now. They are working to eradicate sex trafficking in South East Asia.

Once a month I will share information, facts and triumphs. My hope in doing this is to bring awareness and give voice to the voiceless. From time to time there will be fundraising efforts or simply to ask that you too share this blog.

I have much to learn about sex trafficking and I ask for grace as I venture into this new endeavor.

You can follow their efforts on Instagram @theexodusroad
And like their page on Facebook.

Pray for all those involved in the front lines of this issue.

Mid Week Motivator: Vacation

Last week I went on a real vacation. As in leave not only town but state vacation. I was not sure how working out would pan out. But I packed my running shoes and clothes hoping to get to use them.

And was I ever glad I did! After eleven hours in the car, I needed a good run! Plus time alone. I do need my space. My plan was to see how each day would pan out. If I was able to get a workout in great! If not, great!

Thinking this way allowed me to be freed from stressing out about it. Travel plans can go awry. Unexpected delays or previously unplanned side trips can happen.

Enjoy your vacation, time with family and friends. Enjoy getting to work out or not. But do not stress out over it.

Post Vacation Thoughts

I am sitting in the Newark Airport waiting to board a plane home. I cannot quite believe that it is over! This was more than just a vacation, it was also precious time with family. It had been at least fifteen years since I had seen my cousins. A lapse I am determined to not allow again.


My parents & I enjoying a lovely Italian meal at Giovanni's in Belair, Maryland

I rode with my parents up to New Jersey. This had to be the most amount of time I ever spent with them. It was just wonderful! Having that time with them, something we can look back on in the future, is just awesome. Even sharing various hotel rooms was just fine.

We arrived in New Jersey, heading right over to my Aunt Kathy’s house. Where we stayed except for sleeping at our hotel room. Other families go hiking or camping. Mine makes great sport of eating, drinking wine and conversation.


Cousin Jenn, Caroline & I

I love my family. I loved reconnecting with my cousin Jenn, meeting her husband Robbie and her adorable kids. We got caught up with our lives. Reminisced about old stories. Discussed our food at length.
I got attacked with water guns by one of my other younger cousins. Not to worry, I got him good.


It’s a good thing we enjoy each others company.

Some trips are about being the tourist, getting to know a city. Others are just spending time with people. Time with our loved ones is not guaranteed.

This trip was such a blessing. I am grateful to my parents for allowing me to tag along. For the laughter and conversation. For holding my three month old cousin.