Mid Week Motivator: Five Reasons To Buddy Up


It can be hard to get out there and commit to a healthier lifestyle. As with anything else in life, this cannot be done alone. Especially when you are starting out. When I started working out, having a buddy there was hugely important. Here are my five reasons to buddy up.

1. Accountability– When you know your friend(s) are setting aside their time as well, it gives you more reason to get up and GO!

2- You Work Harder– No matter the kind of work out, you will push yourself a bit more. Lets face it, being competitive is in our nature.

3-It Is Bonding– I can attest that a few of my close friendships were forged by working out together. When sweating alongside someone, nothing is hidden.

4- You Learn New Things– Your buddy may know more about using weights and you know about running. I have learned how to get more out of my squats and push ups from one buddy. I in turn helped her learn how to pace herself while running.

5- You Become More Motivated– The more you work out, the more it becomes a habit. There will be times you are not able to meet up with your buddy. Do not let this not stop you!You can text your buddy and brag on yourself. You will see that going out there alone is not as daunting as it once was.

You may start working out with a friend and it just does not work. For whatever reason. As with any relationship, this cannot be forced. Or its a scheduling issue. You may end up meeting up for a few weeks or from time to time.

What other benefits have you found working out with a buddy?

One Comment

  1. These reasons are all so great! I am most thankful for accountability. I have a real problem letting people down so I am usually there when I’ve made plans to work out with someone. I think having a partner is key to at least getting started!



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