You are Beautiful!

What is a perfect body? Through my health journey, I have thought about my body a lot. There are things I have to learn to love about it. Accepting that my body is built differently than everyone else’s. You can read my post on embracing this here.

Something that we are not told. Both men and women are given numerous messages that beauty is defined by young, toned bodies. New mothers, comparing themselves to actresses or other celebrities find themselves lacking. Middle aged men and women are chastised for looking their age. Advised to seek surgery or shots to prevent wrinkles.

We forget that the models are Photoshop. Even their perfection is just not perfect enough. Again we compare ourselves to the impossible. In this comparison we fat shame, skinny shame, age shame. Can I just please stop all that?! When people are “shamed” it really reveals the shamers own fears. For some reason, the fact that someone is thin naturally or comfortable in their bodies brings out the worst in others.

In doing so we forget that our bodies are unique to ourselves. That there is no magical way of eating or exercising to create the impossible. We need to be realistic about our bodies, there are going to be some things about that will not change. Things we have inherited from our ancestors. For instance, I know no matter how many squats or donkey kicks I do, I will never get a booty.

Healthy living is about loving your body. Embrace all that your body can do! Don’t take for granted good health. While many of us are pining away for perfect six pack, someone else is unable to breath properly. Try making a list of all you do just to get ready for the day. Think of much more difficult any of that would be if you were paralyzed or without one limb.

If you do seek out plastic surgery, do so with open eyes. A procedure can not bring you happiness. It is why so many get sucked into returning under the knife. Nothing is ever just right, there is always something else to “fix”.

It is all about perspective and motivation. Essentially what is your heart behind wanting to lose weight? To getting that procedure done? What are your expectations for your life from this? The reality is, these things will not fix your heart, heal wounds.

Our bodies are freaking amazing! Love your body, not some image of what it “should” look like. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Embrace yours, because you are beautiful. Yes, you. Gorgeous, actually.
Go on, tell yourself in the mirror. Post a selfie with the hashtag #gorgeous.

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