Mid Week Motivator: Learning New Skills

I confess that despite growing up in Miami since the age of eight, I have never properly learned Spanish. When I was in elementary school I took classes but in highschool I rebelled. I opted instead for French. Which I also took at the college level.

Please do not ask me to speak it. However, I do get excited when I catch a phrase in a film before the subtitle!

But then Jon Acuff set out a challenge for the summer. Learn or work on a skill for fifteen minutes a day. #Dosummer is what he is calling it. Fifteen minutes is easy to fit into my schedules. Fifteen minutes a day, every day quickly adds up.

I knew mine would be to learn Spanish.

But I was not sure how to go about it. I do not have extra money to take a class. In the past I attempted to learn by checking out language cd’s from the library, listening to my dvd’s in Spanish instead of English and using a language app on my phone. All of which I would become frustrated, lose motivation and give up.

I am too old to learn a new language, I would say to myself. But I live in Miami. If I want a better day job to support myself, Spanish is a must. I needed to face my fear on not being perfect at it.

Just as with my writing. I could always write. It was not until I sat down and focused that I improved. Because of this I am a better writer today.

Then I came across a free app called Duolingo. And it seems I am learning! I understand more when out and about. I am feeling more confident in asking my friends to converse with me en español.

My old excuse will just never fly! I will never be too old to learn something new. I do not know if I will ever become easily fluent but I can try. Once I have this Spanish down, I will blow the dust off my French.

What skill have you wanted to work on?
What is holding you back from trying?

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