Running to Write, Write to Run


The analogy has been made before, how running is like writing and vice versa. Here are three ways the two collide for myself. It’s been said often enough because it is true. A blank page is no different than a running trail in front of you. Each asks much of us, as we are unable to resist the pull of them.

I Don’t Want To Do It
Many a time I show up at the park and really don’t want to be there. I’ve tried to come up with every reason er excuse as to why I just can not do this today.
It is the same thing with writing. Whether it is a blog post or my current WIP (work in progress) , I do not want to write. But I do. Each step, as with each word I find my way.

But I Do It Anyhow

It doesn’t look pretty, but I arrive at the park or open the lap top and get to work. I know I will feel uncomfortable. Perhaps the run that day is asking more of me ( I am currently using the C25k running app and these later weeks are no joke!).
I may be stuck on a plot point and just don’t want to figure it out. It may mean going back to the beginning of the piece. After doing ALL the things but writing, I finally open my laptop and get to work.
However, once I get into a rhythm with both I keep going until I’m done.

There Is No Regret By Doing It

I have never walked away from a run or a writing time with regret. It may have not been the greatest run or even a spectacular writing time. But I tried, I showed up. Some days, that is more important than being a star or genius.
It’s those days when I didn’t show up that I regret the most. The ones where I beat myself up over the most.

Doing one pushes me to do the other. Getting through those tougher days come with their own rewards.

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