Ready For Camp


Core Camp 2014

This will be my third summer leading at camp. This will be a week of serving in our local community, growing deeper with Christ and each other. What I love about doing this each year is I learn something. Something about God, myself, leading and discipleship.

Its great to see these kids excited to come. Watching them bond as they serve throughout their city. Having them take ownership of this mission field. Getting to help guide them as they yearn for Christ more and themselves less.

Witnessing my church work together for this goal. From other adult leaders, to those who provide food during the week and the worship band coming out to serve each day.

It will be worth the time taken off from work. Worth getting sweaty and dirty. Worth the time away from my other responsibilities. This year I will not be sleeping over, I wanted another volunteer to experience. I am surely generous.

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Mid Week Motivator: Getting Sick


It can happen, after getting into a routine you get sick. It can be frustrating as you want to continue with it. Your brain says GO! But your body says NO! Face it, the body will win out.

But this does not mean you need to lose momentum. It just means you will go at a slower pace. Even if you are stuck in bed.

Stretching– simply getting up and doing some simple stretches can do wonders for you. They will get the blood flowing. Do this a few times a day, for as long as you are able.

Static Yoga Poses – holding a certain pose for at least 30 seconds to a minute. My favorite go to poses are chair and tree among others.

Abs– even stuck in bed you can get a few reps of bicycles, crunches etc.

Push ups
– if you can’t do them on the floor, do them on a wall or counter top. Do as many as you can get in.

It does not need to be a whole lot of reps. But doing these exercises while you are sick will help keep you in routine. Will keep the blood flowing. This is what helps me when I am sick. I do what I can when I can.

Above all drink plenty of fluids, eat well and REST!

Mid Week Motivator: Challenge Yourself

It’s important to challenge yourself. To keep pushing on your workouts. Not doing so can lead to boredom and complacency. Which can eventually lead to stopping altogether.

Challenge yourself by trying something new. Maybe its trying yoga or entering a race. Face your fears in this.
To challenge myself I have entered a half marathon and done a 30 day cross fit at home challenge. Right now I’m in the middle of training with the C25K running app.

Each one has helped me to keep going. Not only that but to get excited about exercising. Challenging yourself is needed to avoid boredom and complacency.

Running to Write, Write to Run


The analogy has been made before, how running is like writing and vice versa. Here are three ways the two collide for myself. It’s been said often enough because it is true. A blank page is no different than a running trail in front of you. Each asks much of us, as we are unable to resist the pull of them.

I Don’t Want To Do It
Many a time I show up at the park and really don’t want to be there. I’ve tried to come up with every reason er excuse as to why I just can not do this today.
It is the same thing with writing. Whether it is a blog post or my current WIP (work in progress) , I do not want to write. But I do. Each step, as with each word I find my way.

But I Do It Anyhow

It doesn’t look pretty, but I arrive at the park or open the lap top and get to work. I know I will feel uncomfortable. Perhaps the run that day is asking more of me ( I am currently using the C25k running app and these later weeks are no joke!).
I may be stuck on a plot point and just don’t want to figure it out. It may mean going back to the beginning of the piece. After doing ALL the things but writing, I finally open my laptop and get to work.
However, once I get into a rhythm with both I keep going until I’m done.

There Is No Regret By Doing It

I have never walked away from a run or a writing time with regret. It may have not been the greatest run or even a spectacular writing time. But I tried, I showed up. Some days, that is more important than being a star or genius.
It’s those days when I didn’t show up that I regret the most. The ones where I beat myself up over the most.

Doing one pushes me to do the other. Getting through those tougher days come with their own rewards.

Mid Week Motivator: Encouragement


Credit Mua Loa Photography

Starting this blog just over two years ago, my goal was to tell my story of weight loss. Beginning over at Blogger and later moving over here at WordPress a year ago. Later this year I will make the move to my own home on the web.

Often it can feel as if my words are being sent out into a void. After all, my blog is rather small and the interwebs is so vast. I also don’t push my posts onto my fb friends, and refrain from asking them to read it.
I don’t get a lot of comments (but I have slowly gathered likes and follows here. Thank you!). So its easy for me to forget that my words are having an impact. People are reading it. This was brought home to me the other day.

A friend surprised me by complimenting my writing skills. As well as a post from earlier that week.

It was enough encouragement for me to continue on with writing this blog and other stuff.

It just goes to show you never know when you are having an impact. Your hard work is being seen. If it isn’t now, it will be.

You just never know.

Why Bother To Blog?


There are as many reasons that people blog as there are blogs. It has been said that the golden age for it has passed. What more can possibly be said? Why even bother to craft a post and promote?

Because a blog gives us a voice.
Even as new forms of social media emerge, the blog still stands. As our attention spans shorten to microseconds, we still crave more than what a tweet can give us. It is a place to tell story, our story.

Blogging forces a writer to write
Blogging means scheduling posts (usually). This means one must sit down and write these posts. It gives the writer a goal to meet. A self imposed deadline. The more we write, the better we get at doing it. By publishing a blog, you are creating an expectation for more posts, delivered in a timely manner.

But EVERYTHING seems to be covered
This is not necessarily a bad thing. Reading blogs helps you to see what your blog could be about. Just as with poorly written books, one can learn from a poorly executed blog. And as well as a well executed one. Discovering what you can do better for a topic is invaluable. Again your voice matters.
However, I would reccomend finding a focus for your blog. What do you see lacking or want to see covered differently?

But still, why bother to blog?
For some its simply another avenue to promote their online presence or business. Lets face business and social media are together for a reason. It is where the audience is these days.

Yes, some are more well known or even famous. But it took them years to build up their audience. What matters most is being genuine. Adding to a conversation or being relational. Blogging is not just about page views or monetizing your corner of the internet. It is about having the the guts to publicly say something.

This is why I believe blogging is here to stay. There will always be people who have something honest and genuine to say. That will always win out over the latest social media app or website. It is why I continue on with blogging. Why my best friend is working on my website.
Perhaps one day I will have said all I needed to say and the blog will no longer be in existence. Perhaps not.
Until then, I will continue to post.

What are your thoughts on blogging?

Mid Week Motivator: Pushing Onward


Some days I just do not want to work out. Truly, I drag myself to the park for a run. I was tired from work. It had been a long week. Saturday was usually my off day. I could go on here.

I Push on ward anyways. I go out there even when I don’t want to. When it seems to be the harder choice. Pushing on ward is the better choice. It is the worthier choice.

Because each time you push on ward, it becomes harder to give into excuses. That is what this is all about.



For the past few years I have participated in One Word 365. Instead of making a list of resolutions that will soon be broken or forgotten. I choose a word. One single word to define a year. This year my word is Stretched. Today’s post is about a six month check in.

I chose this word or more like it chose me because I felt stagnated. I felt it in all aspects of my life. From my writing career, my running, emotionally.

This word has proven to be challenging and growing.

In asking to be Stretched, I am asking to be made uncomfortable. To confront long dormant feelings. To not only do more but seek more of Jesus.

Each year that I have chosen a word for a year, I have been made to grow. It has shaped each year and mindset. My first word Yes lead to my health journey.

The next year I chose Love. I chose it for the hope of perhaps the possibility of romance. God however used that to show me the true depths of love.

Last year was Boldness . A year that was rather hit or miss.

I said earlier that this year has been challenging and growing. I have had to confront sin in my heart that I had dismissed. There has been much trial with the loss of a friend and others with health issues. My struggle with getting back into running can be added to this too.

But I already see fruit. I feel myself changing, letting go of things that I have held onto for too long. This is only the six month check in!

Have you done One Word 365? What fruit did you see in your life?