Five Truths After Weight Loss


Three years ago I began my journey to getting healthy. Last week I focused on Five Truths About Weight Loss, today I want to talk about maintaining that weight loss.

1- Reaching your goal can sneak up on you.
During your weight loss journey, you may be so into it that you may miss it. I nearly did. Reaching this goal seemed near impossible at the start didn’t it? But you did it! Embrace this moment, you have worked hard for it.

2- You may be at a loss at what to do now.
No longer is the goal to lose weight but to maintain. This means changing your mind set towards work outs and food. I needed a new goal to motivate me so I decided to train for a half marathon. This gave me a new reason to keep going. Find what your goal is, master a new skill.  Whatever you do, keep moving forward!

3- Your diet becomes more flexible
Those foods you have stayed away from can now, slowly reenter your diet. Be cautious but also enjoy yourself. I have overcome a lot of issues related to eating (you can read that post here). If you have had issues please seek professional help. Having a healthy attitude towards food is vastly important.

4- It will take time to adjust to your new body.
This was the most surprising part of this journey for myself. It has only been recently that I became comfortable in my body. I often felt like I was wondering around in someone else’s body, that it truly didn’t belong to me. It is a big change and plus your body continues to change as you gain muscle. Not to mention as it also adjusts to the new you. And this is also the time to replenish that wardrobe! Purchasing clothes that fit you properly will help with adjusting as well. You can read about that here

5- Have Grace for yourself.
You will gain weight and lose weight. Your eating may not always be as healthy as it could be,or your workouts as intense. Or you may stop working out altogether. When this happens, as it did with me take an honest inventory. Ask yourself what you may be missing this time around. For me it was determination and confidence that I can do this. Remind yourself what your body can do and do it. Meet yourself now, at this moment. Then move forward. Ask for accountability, keep track of your food and find a work out that will push you.

What have you noticed about life after weight loss that I didn’t list?


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