Five Truths About Weight loss


Three years ago I began my journey to health. Just over two years I began my blog about it over at Blogger. You read those posts here and here. I have learned much and had to from time to time relearn the lessons of losing weight and maintaining.

Here are my five truths about weight loss.

1- You have to want to get healthy.
We all know what we should do to live a healthier life. Having knowledge and wanting to use it are two vastly different things. Your own desire for a better life is what will motivate you. My motivation for getting healthy were numerous. Among them were wanting to change and having someone willing to help me in doing that.

2-Getting healthy means being uncomfortable.
You are eating new kinds of (somewhat) unfamiliar food as well as exercising. Not only that but mastering these new skills in PUBLIC. It means watching your portion sizes and saying “no” to the workplace birthday cake. You may limp into work or curse the day you discovered squats (as I did).

3- You will receive a lot of attention.
Once your weight loss is noticed, it will be the ONLY thing people will want to ask you about. Everyone wants to know what your “secret”. You will disclose that its watching your food and exercising (sometimes twice a day). Then they will get that disappointed look on their face. Because there is no short cut to true change. During this phase of my weight loss I found I had to have a pat answer. It was easy enough to do since I was repeating myself over and over and over.

4- Losing weight will have to become your life for a time.

Changing your life takes a lot of energy, both physical as well as mentally. I would say it takes more mental energy to do this. Constantly pushing yourself to eat well and work out hard. You can not do this half way. IT is all or nothing, especially with initial weight loss. This reality can be hard for you and loved ones, when opting to keep your work out date instead of hanging with friends. Don’t neglect them during this time but your health is important.

5- There will be that awkward stage where nothing in the closet fits properly.

At first when your favorite jeans are just a bit loose, its a great feeling. Enjoy it! Not long after you will need to a belt or suspenders to hold them up. You may be halfway to your goal weight and suddenly EVERYTHING hangs oddly. At some point, you will need new clothes to get through this period.

Don’t spend a lot of money. What I discovered is that friends often had bags of clothes they had intended to give away. Or go to Good Will to get a few key pieces. Your body will continue to change as you pursue a healthier life.

Next week’s posts will focus on maintenance.
What surprising thing have you learned about losing weight?

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