Mid Week Motivator: Short but Intense


Some days there is plenty of time for a workout. On other days not as much. Perhaps time is short or there just seems a lot going on. Do a shorter but intense work out or focus on one area.

A great go to for me is the squat/ push up combo. Start off with 5 push ups, then 25 squats. Upping the squats by 5 until reaching 25. Decrease push ups by 5 until you reach 5.

Short but intense.

Five Truths After Weight Loss


Three years ago I began my journey to getting healthy. Last week I focused on Five Truths About Weight Loss, today I want to talk about maintaining that weight loss.

1- Reaching your goal can sneak up on you.
During your weight loss journey, you may be so into it that you may miss it. I nearly did. Reaching this goal seemed near impossible at the start didn’t it? But you did it! Embrace this moment, you have worked hard for it.

2- You may be at a loss at what to do now.
No longer is the goal to lose weight but to maintain. This means changing your mind set towards work outs and food. I needed a new goal to motivate me so I decided to train for a half marathon. This gave me a new reason to keep going. Find what your goal is, master a new skill.  Whatever you do, keep moving forward!

3- Your diet becomes more flexible
Those foods you have stayed away from can now, slowly reenter your diet. Be cautious but also enjoy yourself. I have overcome a lot of issues related to eating (you can read that post here). If you have had issues please seek professional help. Having a healthy attitude towards food is vastly important.

4- It will take time to adjust to your new body.
This was the most surprising part of this journey for myself. It has only been recently that I became comfortable in my body. I often felt like I was wondering around in someone else’s body, that it truly didn’t belong to me. It is a big change and plus your body continues to change as you gain muscle. Not to mention as it also adjusts to the new you. And this is also the time to replenish that wardrobe! Purchasing clothes that fit you properly will help with adjusting as well. You can read about that here

5- Have Grace for yourself.
You will gain weight and lose weight. Your eating may not always be as healthy as it could be,or your workouts as intense. Or you may stop working out altogether. When this happens, as it did with me take an honest inventory. Ask yourself what you may be missing this time around. For me it was determination and confidence that I can do this. Remind yourself what your body can do and do it. Meet yourself now, at this moment. Then move forward. Ask for accountability, keep track of your food and find a work out that will push you.

What have you noticed about life after weight loss that I didn’t list?

Mid Week Motivation: Goals


Motivation is key in this journey to a healthier life. Getting motivated can be difficult. In all honesty my initial motivator for getting healthy was outside of myself . It was orchestrated by God by placing the right people in my life. When I had the mindset to submit to His will.

But it was up to me to continue to get out there each and every day.

The best path to motivation is to first choose a short term goal. One that will prepare you to accomplish your long term goals. Each time I met a goal, I was motivated to pursue more in my next one. My first goal was to run one lap without stopping, then two laps etc. Which eventually lead to my running in the 2014 Miami Half Marathon.

What got you motivated to get healthy?

Five Truths About Weight loss


Three years ago I began my journey to health. Just over two years I began my blog about it over at Blogger. You read those posts here and here. I have learned much and had to from time to time relearn the lessons of losing weight and maintaining.

Here are my five truths about weight loss.

1- You have to want to get healthy.
We all know what we should do to live a healthier life. Having knowledge and wanting to use it are two vastly different things. Your own desire for a better life is what will motivate you. My motivation for getting healthy were numerous. Among them were wanting to change and having someone willing to help me in doing that.

2-Getting healthy means being uncomfortable.
You are eating new kinds of (somewhat) unfamiliar food as well as exercising. Not only that but mastering these new skills in PUBLIC. It means watching your portion sizes and saying “no” to the workplace birthday cake. You may limp into work or curse the day you discovered squats (as I did).

3- You will receive a lot of attention.
Once your weight loss is noticed, it will be the ONLY thing people will want to ask you about. Everyone wants to know what your “secret”. You will disclose that its watching your food and exercising (sometimes twice a day). Then they will get that disappointed look on their face. Because there is no short cut to true change. During this phase of my weight loss I found I had to have a pat answer. It was easy enough to do since I was repeating myself over and over and over.

4- Losing weight will have to become your life for a time.

Changing your life takes a lot of energy, both physical as well as mentally. I would say it takes more mental energy to do this. Constantly pushing yourself to eat well and work out hard. You can not do this half way. IT is all or nothing, especially with initial weight loss. This reality can be hard for you and loved ones, when opting to keep your work out date instead of hanging with friends. Don’t neglect them during this time but your health is important.

5- There will be that awkward stage where nothing in the closet fits properly.

At first when your favorite jeans are just a bit loose, its a great feeling. Enjoy it! Not long after you will need to a belt or suspenders to hold them up. You may be halfway to your goal weight and suddenly EVERYTHING hangs oddly. At some point, you will need new clothes to get through this period.

Don’t spend a lot of money. What I discovered is that friends often had bags of clothes they had intended to give away. Or go to Good Will to get a few key pieces. Your body will continue to change as you pursue a healthier life.

Next week’s posts will focus on maintenance.
What surprising thing have you learned about losing weight?

Mid Week Motivator: Fear


A healthy fear in my definition is fear that pushes one forward. It means knowing where I came from a few years ago and that I don’t want to go back. I want to live well, to live a healthy, well rounded life. It pushes me to keep track of how I eat with my fitness pal and regain my confidence with running by using the C25k app.
A healthy fear can be a motivating fear.

The Stories We Tell

The first week of the month I like to discuss story. What it is, how story has evolved and changed over time. You can read the first post on this here. Today I want to talk about our stories and how we are telling it today. Namely through social media.

We are all story tellers. More so these days than ever before. With the prevalence of social media, it has become our new reality. Instead of stacks of letters and documents, future generations will sift through our posts.

It is through these posts that they will piece together the story of our lives. This occurred to me as I thought about the purpose of social media. Of course one aspect is to connect with people. To seek information as well.

But what about the legacy these postings will have for future generations.

What is the story that they will find about us? The version of our lives that we present is often sanitized or an edited version. It is how they will discover how we lived. Will we be judged because of one or two random posts? Photos, pithy (at least we hope) comments will paint a fragmented picture.

Time will tell what kind of picture this will paint. What will all our sharing, posts and present to them. Perhaps it is something to consider.

What is the story of ourselves, our lives that we hope to leave behind? Which fragments of our lives will form this picture?