Mid Week Motivator: Attitude is Important



I am currently reading Jon Acuff’s new book Do Over (if you haven’t read it I suggest you do!). In it he talks about attitude, a lot. Attitude is so key in everything I do. When I have a crappy one, my effort in anything is minimal

I used to believe that by telling myself to have a better one it would happen. But what I didn’t realize was that having a better, positive attitude takes actual effort. Learning how to have a better attitude has helped me to do better.

When I go into a workout with a can do attitude I get more out of it. I push myself harder. But when I have a crappy attitude, it is usually a terrible workout. I have to work on my attitude, telling myself throughout the day that this workout will be amazing. This sort of pep talk is what helps me in having and maintaining a positive attitude. In all aspects of my life too.

Once I get into the practice of having a positive attitude it becomes easier. There is always effort but into it. The best things in life take effort after all.

At·ti·tude\a-te-tud;-tyud\n. 1: posture 2: a mental position or feeling with regard to a fact or state. 3: the position of something in relation to something else.

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