Mid Week Motivator: Attitude is Important



I am currently reading Jon Acuff’s new book Do Over (if you haven’t read it I suggest you do!). In it he talks about attitude, a lot. Attitude is so key in everything I do. When I have a crappy one, my effort in anything is minimal

I used to believe that by telling myself to have a better one it would happen. But what I didn’t realize was that having a better, positive attitude takes actual effort. Learning how to have a better attitude has helped me to do better.

When I go into a workout with a can do attitude I get more out of it. I push myself harder. But when I have a crappy attitude, it is usually a terrible workout. I have to work on my attitude, telling myself throughout the day that this workout will be amazing. This sort of pep talk is what helps me in having and maintaining a positive attitude. In all aspects of my life too.

Once I get into the practice of having a positive attitude it becomes easier. There is always effort but into it. The best things in life take effort after all.

At·ti·tude\a-te-tud;-tyud\n. 1: posture 2: a mental position or feeling with regard to a fact or state. 3: the position of something in relation to something else.

Not Allowing Struggles To Hinder Me



One of the (many) things that I am working through is anger. If I allow the frustrations of life to get to me, I am angry. For a long time all I felt was anger. Anger towards whatever was getting in my way that particular day or moment. Anger for things that happened long ago and were never properly handled. Anger at perceived hurts or slights.

I was in some part addicted to anger. It can be strange to hear but being angry felt good. At least for a brief moment. Having a “moment” released some kind of chemical in my brain. I also felt powerful, seeing how people would react to me.

I used anger as a litmus test for friends and family. Would they reach past my walls of anger to love me? When they didn’t,or when their reaction did not fit into my preconceived narrative. I rewarded them with passive aggressiveness.

Oh how smug I felt in those moments. Often sarcasm was my weapon of choice. I could be cruel and quite manipulative. If not getting my way, then at least making others pay for it.

Crazy. I know.

But after the moment passed would then come shame at my behavior. Berating myself for once again acting or reacting in such a way.

That my punishment for this behavior was to be alone. After all, a person like me could not possibly deserve love. To be cared for by others. I was just that terrible.

A vicious lie of course.

As I grew to know Christ more and more I began to understand this better. Knowing Jesus has changed my life significantly. He has forced me to face the ugliness of my sin of anger. To see that it no longer need to define me. Placing people in my life to help me look in the mirror. To see what I’ve been blind to for so long. Getting what I have longed for, to be loved well.

There are long lasting consequences. It saddens my heart but there will always be someone, somewhere who I have hurt. To them I will always be that cruel angry person. And I’m sorry to have left such a mark on their lives. There are people currently in my life who are often wary on how to approach me. Because in my anger I taught them this.

But those in my life have seen how far I have come. How Jesus has continues to grow me. That I may not always catch how sharply I speak or not masking my face. Hiding my face is so hard, I wear my emotions so vividly.

But I can own when I have hurt people. I understand better what can trigger me and how to handle it. Some days are better than others. The difference today is that I understand more of the truth than the lie.

I am not cured but I am far better. This will always be my struggle. Anger though, no longer has the hold on me it once did. There was a time where I believed I would caught up in this cycle of anger for the rest of my life.

No matter the struggles we face in our lives, they are not necessarily permanent. You can change and grow if you are willing to face some hard truths about yourself. It has not been an easy journey for me. Facing the reality of my anger makes me want to be better. To become more of the person I know I am deep down.

What struggle has defined your life and how are you growing in the midst of it?

Mid Week Motivator: Summer is Coming



It is nearly summer. Which means beach season is near. And with that comes bathing suits. And spending time in them in public.

How often have we allowed ourselves to miss out because of fear. Fear of what other people may think of us. Perhaps even worse, what we think of ourselves. Judging, comparing, telling ourselves that we do not belong out there.

No matter where you are in your health journey, you can not allow this fear to hold you back. To keep you from enjoying the beach or pool. Making memories with family and friends. Dig your toes into the sand, lay in sun (with applications of sunscreen of course) and rock your swimsuit.

Loving To The Point Of Misunderstanding



“Live a life being misunderstood because of how and who you love.”

The above was my take away from the talk Bob Goff during the Youth Pastor Summit this past week. There were many wonderful speakers but what he said struck my heart. This stayed with me as I learned more about Open Doors, an organization that aids persecuted Christians.

The thought that kept going through my mind was that while we attended a conference held at Universal Studios, my brothers and sisters suffer. As we praised our Lord, loudly and publicly, my brothers and sisters fear their neighbors turning them in. When we ate heartily both days, my brothers and sisters were thankful for the little on their plates.

Our lives are vastly different to say the least. As a Christian, in this country I am not persecuted. I can purchase and have a possession of a Bible. My employer has to follow certain regulations in accommodating my religious obligations. If they do not I have recourses to rectify the oversight. I can speak freely of Jesus without fear of arrest.

Do I face challenges because I am a Christian? Of course. I face them daily, both internally and externally. However, challenges in my life are not persecution. This attitude needs to change. When we in this privileged country complain of being persecuted it makes me sad.

It also makes me wonder. If we call today’s challenges persecution, how will we stand when true persecution comes? Are you willing to hold steadfast if you are beaten nearly to death? Or having to prepare your children for the possibility of being murdered in front of them? Because this is only some of what our brothers and sisters face on a daily basis. They hold on to Christ. They do not simply leave because if they did who would speak the Gospel to those who need to hear it.

I can not help but wonder how tightly I would hold onto Christ. How steadfast I would be in the face of all that.

I am guilty of not always standing in solidarity with them. Taking for granted the peace and security of my life. I forget to pray for them as often as I used to. A practice I have begun once again. To pray not only for them but for us. For us who have yet to face true persecution. Because we will. Let us love Christ so much that the price paid is our suffering. Let us be misunderstood.

Youth Pastor Summit Adventures

A short post today. I have been at the Youth Pastor Summit the last couple days. I learned a lot, spent some quality time with the young adults in my church and had a lot of fun.


In the back row of the van on the way up


Hotel had a great breakfast buffet and good coffee


Diagon Alley at Universal Studios


Core Young Adults and KIX family

Next week I will have a post on the what I learned, things that have been stirring in my heart before this conference.

Mid Week Motivator: The Comparison Game


It is too easy to get caught up in playing this game. A game that leads no where but envy or discouragement. Especially when it comes to comparing yourself to the version of you from a few years ago.

Something that I have found myself doing of late. I am not the same person I was when I began my journey. Firstly, I am older. My body reacts differently than it did then. I need to take this into consideration when I become frustrated about my body.

My life is different from three years ago. When I first lost weight it was pretty much my entire life. All of physical and mental energy went into it.
Accept where you are, right now. Let go of where you once were. Take heart in the knowledge of what your body can do. Meet yourself now, not in the past.

Then go out and kick some butt.

Lessons From Fairy Tales


The first week of each month I like to discuss story. What it means, why we need it, how it helps us in our lives.

Let’s talk about Fairy Tales. They are rather omnipresent are they not? Often growing up, these are the stories told at bedtime. These tales have been passed down for generations. We can thank the Grimm Brothers for collecting these tales.

These tales have continue to be relevant because as with any great literary work, they contain hard realities we all face in one way or another. The heroes in these tales overcome great odds.

Why have these stories stuck around for so long? As with any good story, they speak truth into our lives. Whether it is a fear of the greater world (Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel). From being orphaned in a cold world (Cinderella) jealousy (Snow White), or even being used (Rumpelstiltskin).

The original tales are far more gruesome than the sanitized versions that are more familiar. It is not always about the princess being rescued. More so they are about survival. To be aware of the evils and harshness this world holds forth.

In fact the world is still a rather frightening place. In so many ways, we use story to figure out it out. To process all the bad things we see and hear on the news. We long to believe that good overcomes evil. That the bad people will be found out and suffer the consequences. And the good people will be rewarded.

In story we can correct injustice, and all the failings of the world around us. Somehow we can gain control when in truth there is very little that can be controlled. Much has changed in the world, but not our desire to attempt to control what we fear.

My favorite fairy tale growing up was Rumpelstiltskin. It was such a different tale than all the rest. In it a young girls father lies to the king that she can spin straw into gold. Which for whatever reason the king believes and forces the girl to sit in a roomful of straw to spin into gold. How can she ever get out of this? Suddenly a strange little man appears and offers to help her, for a price of course. Each time the little man helps her, the price goes up and up.

I won’t give away the ending, I suggest finding the tale on your own. What appeals to me about this tale is how she fights back. How determined she is to no longer be used and turn the tables on this strange little man. It was perhaps the first time I realized that I could fight back. That I was not as powerless as I believed. That was an amazing lesson for me.

what have you learned or taken away from fairy tales?