Mid Week Motivator: small budget, no problem


Eating healthy is hard but doable. It means venturing outside of the prepackaged foods we have become trained to eat. It means going outside our food comfort zone.

Think of purchasing food as an investment. Just as you invest in your wardrobe, you also invest in your food pantry. I have found thinking this way can be helpful when in the grocery store. Buying healthy can be pricey and what this can mean sacrificing money you would use to eat out with at the grocery store.

Which as you learn to eat better, not having money to eat out can be helpful in this journey. It means you are being challenged to pull out the pots and pans. To try out new kinds of food and experiment with cooking. You will expand your taste buds and discover and even rediscover foods you thought you hated.

I have found the places that work best for my budget and discovered Aldi a few years ago. I am able to purchase all the items I need without resorting to purchasing prepackaged food. Food full of salt and sugar. I tend to eat the same or similar foods week to week. This is due more so because I know how much these items will cost.

Below is a list my go to budget friendly groceries.

Coconut Oil– worth the price as it has so many uses! Try using it and discover which brand or type works for you.

Almonds– or some kind of nut, a great source of protein and good fats.

Canned Tomatoes– These are a great source of vitamins and my favorite option for pasta sauce.

Frozen Vegatables– a great source of vitamins and they store well in the freezer

Oat Meal– a staple in my cabinet, can be used in so many different ways as well.

Fresh Fruit & Vegatables-  This is where the bulk of my food budget goes to each week.

What are some of your ways to eat healthy on a tight budget?

Storytelling: Foreign Films


I was introduced to the world of foreign films by my sister Michelle ( who is also responsible for introducing me to British television). The film was called Babete’s Feast and though reading subtitles took getting used to, I was soon hooked.

Watching these films is how I learned about other cultures. About the world outside of my American culture. I also enjoyed that these films are different in pace and storytelling. For instance, I learned that there is not always a happy ending. Or even that an ending can even be ambiguous. That a comedy can be just as heartfelt and emotional as any drama, at times more so.

It’s a great way to learn about a culture. To see a different perspective, past the headlines. To understand the everyday human story that is hard to get from news stories. Immersing yourself in the language. Learning how subtle human body language can be and just as profound . It’s for this reason I prefer subtitles, rather than voiceovers.

Watching these types of films has expanded my view of the world. And also how to tell stories. Which has helped me with my own writing.

What follows is a short list of some of my favorite foreign films. It is by no means an exhaustive, comprehensive list. Feel free to add your favorite films as well!

The Lives of Others
Shall We Dance?
Goodbye Lennon!
Women On The Edge of A Nervous Breakdown
City Of God
The Grocer’s Son
Pan’s Labyrinth
Talk To Her
All About My Mother
Raise The Red Lantern
Amores Perros
The Motorcycle Diaries