Copyrights and Such


Above is an example of my potential copyright warning. The other day I was texting back and forth with my web designer and bestie about my upcoming website. I was asking her about my copyright warning. Something I had not really thought about previously. The possibilty of someone taking my work and putting it out there as their own. Plagarism abounds out here in the vast internet does it not?

Every artist is influenced from those who come before of course. These influences however, should be properly credited by notating the source of said work. When proper credit is not given, the person stealing the work is saying “I don’t want to take the time to actually create my own work so I will just take yours.” It should be flattering I suppose, stealing my words for their own gain. But it is far more flattering if my words are properly credited.

The fact that I have to consider this possibility is new for me. It means that my dream of making my living from writing is becoming a reality.

But I cannot allow myself to go nuts by this either. Those that I discover using my work and passing it off as my own will be notified to stop. A few may get away with it but their theft of others’ work says more about them. It says they do not want to do the work. That they do not believe in their own talent and abilities and so take from others. While they may get away with it for awhile, at some point discovery of thier lack of ethics and talent will be discovered.

Through it all I will continue to plug away. Honing my writing skills the more I work. Those that prefer to take what they did not create will not grow in any way. There are no short cuts in this writing thing. A lot of it is working , sweating with each keystroke. Some days the words just flow and others its easier to start cleaning the house. At the end of the day, it is worth all the effort, frustration, dead ends and clean houses. Because it’s what real writers do. Write.

Posers seek the glory but what they fail to realize is that the real glory lies in the finished work. They will never experience this until they honor their talents and write.


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