Mid Week Motivator: Eating Out, Part Two


Last week I wrote about eating out.
Today I want to talk about this again. This time when it is not planned. Perhaps you have forgotten your lunch, or just need to grab a bite while on the go or are just too tired to cook. These are times that can be most trying as the choices for a quick meal can be limiting. However because you may stop at a fast food place, doesn’t mean all is lost.

Make the best choices available to you. Nearly every fast food place offers wraps and salads. Perhaps what you need is simply a quick snack. Running into your local drugstore or even gas station to grab a yogurt, fruit or nuts can be an option. Enough to hold you over until you have lunch or dinner. Something I have done from time to time is get a smoothie (asking them to not add sugar). It fills me up and is worth paying the money for it.

Grocery stores have great options for quick meals that can be healthier than going through a drive thru.

It’s good to know what your options are for those unplanned meals and snacks. The good news is that there is usually a healthier option available. You may have to look for or even stick to the same things when you do, but its possible.

What is your go to for unplanned meals and snacks?

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