Mid Week Motivator- That Busy Time

We all have our busy times. Those times when opening up the calendar or date book can be rather frightening.

It would be easy to remove working out from the daily or weekly To Do’s. I know I have often done this myself. Allowing for time constraints to play into my tendency for laziness.

Working out consistently five to six days a week is not easy. I no longer have the kind of time as I did when I was starting this journey. The time to dedicate to doing two workouts a day.

This is what I have learned about myself and working out.
1- It is not always about the length of the workout, but the intensity. On those hectic days, when I know I may have only thirty minutes this is helpful.
2- When I can’t workout, the kind of food I eat is more important than on those days when I do. If I can’t exercise, at least I can feed my body well.
3- I have to be intentional about working out. I owe it to myself . This means putting it back on my calendar and doing it. No matter how tired I may feel. It is always worth doing because I feel better, can think clearer and even sleep better.

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