Why is Story So Important?

I have been pondering this question lately. Why is story so important? I mean why do we need it? What is it about our human need for story?

On the surface it does not seem so important to our existence. But then perhaps it is. Story can be a form of oxygen. Allowing us to explore different worlds, pushing the boundaries of ourselves.

It is also a way for us to leave a piece of ourselves behind. I think of those cave drawings found in France around ten years ago. Pictures depicted life, a tangible story.

Just shows we as humans have always wanted to be heard. Were they placed there to warn or to brag? Perhaps both.

I learned so much through story. About the world of the past and the current world. I have explored cultures and relationships through story.

When Jesus was teaching an important lesson, he did it through a parable. Why? Because sometimes we can only hear the truth when it is told to us through story.

Throughout time story has been used to entertain, convey information and carry on the past for future generations. It is a way for the story of humanity to continue onward.

I confess, this is partly why I am a writer. My dream is a reader in the future picking up my book (or books :mrgreen:) and my words, the story having an impact on their lives.

What are your thoughts on story?

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