Mid Week Motivator- Happy Thanksgiving!


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day ( in the Northern US). Which may mean being confronted by your food choices if you are choosing to be healthier. Do not allow for the food to take away from why this holiday is being celebrated.

It is about spending precious time with friends and family. Not the amount of calories you consume.

If you give yourself a cheat day, then this will be it. If not, here are a few tips from a previous post.

Allow yourself to enjoy this time with friends and family no matter how or when you are celebrating. Enjoy the food. Enjoy life.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!


There are times life can be hard. So hard that it can be hard to see the blessings in our lives. Even amidst the hardships.

However looking at what is good, to be thankful can help you grow as person. Maybe it sounds corny, or cliche’ to you. Taking the time to reflect on things that you have, the people in your life who love you can change your outlook on life. It can grow your relationship with God.

This is what happened to me. A few years ago I was at a point where I took everything for granted and then things changed on me. I had to make a choice, either turn to God or walk away. By turning to Him, I was grown and stretched in so many ways. I was being shown how much I needed Him.

I began a document on  to list all the things I should be thankful about in life. A document I still update today. Sometimes the list goes on and on. Other days it takes time for me to see how I can be thankful in hardship. Writing, journaling always helps me to regain the right attitude in life.

I learned to appreciate so many things and people in my life. I have learned to step back and have a different perspective on things. It reminds me to not take things for granted. A needed reminder at times.

This is what thankfulness looks like to me.

What does thankfulness look like in your life?

Mid Week Motivator- One Step Then Another


It just takes a step. One step to begin a new journey. One step, then another and another.

My first step was at a park on a sunny January afternoon nearly three years ago. More steps that soon followed, that lead to changes in my lifestyle and health. Keep going, keep taking those steps. Push through the set backs and hard days.

The rewards that await you begin with one step.

Are you ready to take that first step?

Looking In The Mirror

I have been thinking about body issues lately. More so about the perspective I have about my body. I have been rather hard on myself lately as I have not been running.

I was allowing for the fat girl to return. Someone who I had thought I had let go of nearly three years ago. You can read this post here. I had to put away some clothes that were no longer fit me. Clothes that I had worn since I lost weight. This began my downward spiral in doubting all that I had done. The old fear I had that I would wake up and find myself back at my old weight haunted me.

The thoughts of am I good enough? Did I deserve to be healthy began to pop up in my mind.

So I turned to food as I have always done to find comfort. This time though, it was different. I had no real desire to eat in the way I once done. While I did not always make the best choices, I was making better choices than I would of three years ago. That is where the victory lies.

Maintaining weight is just as hard as losing it. Maintaining for over two years is no easy feat. During the initial weightloss, a lot of attention was given to me. Once people began to notice I was often pulled aside and told to keep going or way to go! It was weird and awkward but thrilling at the same time.

Then it stops because it would be weird and awkward to continually congratulate someone on their past accomplishment.

What I have realized is that my body has finally settled into itself. After the initial weight loss, which was also rather quick, I was simply thin. My mom feared I was too thin. So did a good friend of mine.

At the time,it just felt good to fit into size 4 jeans. It really did. The attention that came along with did too. But being thin isn’t this magical key to the life. I did not become a millionaire or instantly fall in love and get married. Those things are not a “reward” for losing weight.

My body was still changing. I had more muscle to gain. My body was still adjusting to the drastic changes.

It has been three years after I began this journey. Three years of change and adjustment. Both physical and emotional. These days I am more comfortable with myself. I have to remind myself that a my worth is not my jean size.

That as I get older my body will continue to change. As I age what matters is that I take care of this temporary vessel. So that it may carry me to the end of my days for a life well lived.

So look in the mirror and stop being so hard on yourself. Make the changes you need to become healthy. But meet yourself where you are today, right now. And love the person staring back at you.

How have you dealt with your body changing on your journey?

Mid Week Motivator- That Busy Time

We all have our busy times. Those times when opening up the calendar or date book can be rather frightening.

It would be easy to remove working out from the daily or weekly To Do’s. I know I have often done this myself. Allowing for time constraints to play into my tendency for laziness.

Working out consistently five to six days a week is not easy. I no longer have the kind of time as I did when I was starting this journey. The time to dedicate to doing two workouts a day.

This is what I have learned about myself and working out.
1- It is not always about the length of the workout, but the intensity. On those hectic days, when I know I may have only thirty minutes this is helpful.
2- When I can’t workout, the kind of food I eat is more important than on those days when I do. If I can’t exercise, at least I can feed my body well.
3- I have to be intentional about working out. I owe it to myself . This means putting it back on my calendar and doing it. No matter how tired I may feel. It is always worth doing because I feel better, can think clearer and even sleep better.

Strength Not From Myself


I do not handle stress well.

I have been anxious and angry lately. Circumstances are not where I want them to be. A lot of is not new but at times it is hard to wait on God. To even be still.

I tend to keep moving. To keep busy until I exhaust myself.

I do not always run to God as I should. Instead I revert to old habits. Habits that I find some kind of immediate comfort. Habits can be destructive.

All this does is run me down. I do not eat as well or exercise. My sleep is not as restful. I feel jittery and out of sorts. In other words, the complete opposite of who I usually am.

Resentment builds up in me. And yet I do not seek God as I should.
Because I do not want to hear what I already know.
I cannot do this on my own.

He is there, waiting to take on my burdens as I push him aside. As if I am a proud toddler, declaring “I can do it!” Even when I do not want to. When all I long to do is hide from my life. To not feel or face things in my life.

As much as I would like it to, life does not stop. There is work, family, friends who have their own struggles.

God is patient with me in these times. Placing people in my life who love over me. Who show me His grace again and again. I am so grateful to be placed in community and relationships who care for me.

He is my comfort. He is my strength. And I forget that. I believe that my problems or struggles are not worthy of His time.

That is when I need to stop. To stop and be still. To listen to my breath. To be still and wait on God.

For His plans for me are vast and pure. All that is asked of me is to trust and rest in Him.

Matthew 11:30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

When do you find yourself seeking something other than God in times of stress?

photo credit: blessed app

Mid Week Motivator : Nanowrimo Groove

It is midway into the first week of Nanowrimo!
It is that point where either one feels between feeling motivated and questioning sanity.

Put down that paper bag, you are right where you should be at this point.

Has your plot fallen apart? Grab onto that one aspect that has not . This will be like bread crumbs, lead you back to your story. Listen to what your characters are telling you.

This is the fun of Nano, it pushes you as a writer. You have to be consistent with your writing time. This helped me learn how to manage my time and schedule writing. Knowing that I only had this specific time to write forced me to productive. The muse can only come if you are already beckoning them.

Some days your fingers will fly over the keyboard. Others you will want to bang your head on the keyboard.

Welcome to the life of a writer.

Short on time? Squeeze in wordage when you can. Email yourself or create a document in Google. All those times waiting in line, waiting on kids, friends etc.

Keep going, keep going, keep going! The worst that can happen is you write a terrible first draft,  learn a lot about writing and yourself in the process.

Why is Story So Important?

I have been pondering this question lately. Why is story so important? I mean why do we need it? What is it about our human need for story?

On the surface it does not seem so important to our existence. But then perhaps it is. Story can be a form of oxygen. Allowing us to explore different worlds, pushing the boundaries of ourselves.

It is also a way for us to leave a piece of ourselves behind. I think of those cave drawings found in France around ten years ago. Pictures depicted life, a tangible story.

Just shows we as humans have always wanted to be heard. Were they placed there to warn or to brag? Perhaps both.

I learned so much through story. About the world of the past and the current world. I have explored cultures and relationships through story.

When Jesus was teaching an important lesson, he did it through a parable. Why? Because sometimes we can only hear the truth when it is told to us through story.

Throughout time story has been used to entertain, convey information and carry on the past for future generations. It is a way for the story of humanity to continue onward.

I confess, this is partly why I am a writer. My dream is a reader in the future picking up my book (or books :mrgreen:) and my words, the story having an impact on their lives.

What are your thoughts on story?