Mid Week Motivator: Starting Over

The analogy between running and writing is often made. For good reason. The two are rather similar.
Both require constant, near daily attention. Recently I have taken a break from running. Getting back into it has been rather difficult. I keep recalling when getting up in the morning to run was easier. It all begins with taking one step at a time, writing one word at a time.


What I had to concede, rather painfully is that I am starting over.  Not only with running but writing fiction. I am not a beginner, but I have lost a lot of the muscle I had built up. The good news is that I can get there again. It will take time and dedication. And being willing to be uncomfortable.

For most of this year I have concentrated more on this blog. Since running my first half this past February I have felt burnt out with running.

It is time to get back into it. To wake up in the morning not hitting that snooze button one more time. I need to refocus my energies and determination into both running and writing. To say no to doing this or that. It’s important for me to protect both my running and writing time.

<u>This week my goal for running is 2 miles, five days a week. And for writing, to begin plotting for Nanowrimo. Which I can do now that I have a glimmer of a plot!

Have you had to start over?

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