Growing Through Prayer

Recently life has gotten complicated. Demands on my time have been needed. I am more than happy to be able to help.

However I soon found myself drained. Doing what I always end up doing, taking all of it on myself.  Asking for help has been hard for me. Even as a kid, my stubbornness in this lead to frustration. I hated having to ask for help because it meant I was not able to do it on my own.

Asking for help was weak. Sadly, in some ways this is how I have often looked at prayer.

That somehow God would think me weak for praying. I had forgotten that I am renewed through prayer.

The act of prayer is seeking God. It is saying that I recognize that I am not able to do this on my own.

This is not a new lesson for me. Again and again, God has shown me the power of prayer.

But I am stubborn. Perhaps it is my Irish ancestry, but I am stubborn.

My God wants me to seek Him. He wants me to be dependent on Him.
Not because He is egotistical.  But because of his love for me. He can take on all my burdens.  That is the truth. He can take it ALL on!

Not just a specific one or some of them. But Every. Single. One.

That is what I had forgotten. It is in fact weakness to not seek Him. To not pray.

Praying does take away the problems we face. It does help to handle them, to discover the strength that only God can give us. That is what is most Important.

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