Mid Week Motivator- Rest

Sleep and Rest are both important and often it is believed that they are the same thing. For years I believed that. But in thinking about it recently it hit me that they were in fact not. Getting enough sleep in important for overall health and it is a form of rest. Rest in itself is wholly different. There are many types of rest. Something I have touched on in a previous post in which I rediscovered what it means to rest.

In our day to day lives it is often go,go go until we are physically unable to go anymore. We schedule ourselves doing one task after another, going from one place to another without thinking of taking a rest from it all. When I first began working out, I went full force seven days a week, doing two a days five days a week. I did not yet understand the concept of a rest day.

I felt like I was doing something wrong when I finally did begin to take them. As if all the hard work would be undone by taking one day off. However I found that I had a better week working out when I did take them. My body needed time to rest. To repair and prepare for the coming week. These days I take two days off from working out, depending on my schedule. Find what works for you but take a rest day from working out.

Another form of rest is taking what is referred to as a mental health day Just as our bodies need to repair and prepare, so do our minds. We were made to work but to also rest, after all God rested didn’t he? Rest for me means pulling back from the world by turning off the phone. Writing, journaling and reading. Or binge watching some television in my pajama’s. Basically taking the time to reset my mind.Taking my time waking up from my slumber, having woken up naturally as opposed to an alarm clock.

Reality is, we need to pull back from things. To sit and just be in order to not get worn down. We are not made to constantly be on the go. We are made stronger after times of rest. Our bodies and minds are better prepared to face what lies ahead.

However rest looks to you, I encourage you to be intentional about taking it. It sounds funny but schedule a day or even days of rest. Write in your calendar and do it. Do whatever you need to do in order to be the best version of you. Both physical and mental rest is important on your health journey.

What does rest look like to you? How do you recharge when you feel depleted?

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