Gaining Hope in the Storms that Life Brings

There is hope within the storms of life

There is hope within the storms of life

Last week after the death of Robin Williams, there was an outpouring of grieve over his death. With that the conversation about what brought about his death occurred on the internet. Some were an outpouring of love and for others it was an outpouring of rage. Suicide has affected all of us somehow. Whether or we have considered doing it or have known we have lost tragically to it.

In my own life, I flirted briefly with the idea of it. Life had become too much for me. The lies I had told about where I was or who I was were beginning to catch up with me and I wanted to escape as hiding was no longer an option. This was long before I knew Christ and I was truly lost. The flirtation did not last long, the depression I was in was not so depilating,that I could not see that this was a stupid choice. In reality I was not in the depths of depression but in a state of panic of being discovered. I realized that my small disappointments were nothing compared to having to bury me. I faced up to what my life had become and slowly, ever so slowly made my way back towards life.

Some can’t. We have seen what the effects of fighting the battle of depression can bring.

Others find healing with the combination of family, community, faith, doctors,therapy and medication.

 On a level I understand how hard it is to go through with it, to think the world would be better off without me. In my own family we have dealt with mental illness, you can read about that here

My experience with this is rather shallow at best and in light of that I am included links to a few blogs that I have found to be a better voice than I.

Ann Voscamp (@annvoscamp) wrote eloquently on this subject over at her blog A Holy Experience

Nish Weiseth (@nishweiseth) shared this beautiful piece as well 

This post from Roman Hokie was amazing too

National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Please seek help. Please know that there is hope, healing and love for you. There is hope in the storms of Life.

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