Mid Week Motivator- That Water Drinking Habit

It should be easy to drink water. I mean it is easily accessable  in our lives ( especially those of us living in the modern, western world). We are surrounded by places to buy water to our liking. Water fountains are in every public building we enter. Not to mention,(hardly ever) do we need to question how clean the water we are drinking, cleaning and bathing in is safe. Plus we have the option to further filter our drinking water if we so desire.

So why is it so difficult to get into the habit of drinking it?

All day long other beverages are consumed are they not? There are the sugary drinks and the various colas. Since it is still summer time, the choices added lemonade and iced tea. Let us not discount all the blended coffee ( or as my friend puts it, coffeeish) beverages.

But drink water? Just plain water with no flavor added? Really?

I mean, who does that?!

I do.

I enjoy water. I enjoy being properly hydrated. Have you ever finished a soda and felt, well thirsty still? I have and either wound up drinking more soda or a glass of water. I can honestly say I am no longer tempted by soda. They are just too sugary for me!

One of the things that will help you lose weight and keep it off is to drink water. Think about it, you may be eating better and exercising but still not really losing the weight. Have you considered what you are drinking? The calories you are consuming with out thinking about it?

How to stop this insanity? The simple answer is to just switch to water. If that is too hard then start with replacing one bottle or glass of water with your usual beverage. Do it for a week. Then the next week, replace two and so on.

Purchase a cool reusuable water bottle, there are some that come with filters if you prefer. This will help in not having to spend so much on it. This indeed is another great benefit to using a reusable bottle, it helps your budget. It is most likely you may not realize how much of your budget goes to purchasing your favorite drinks each day, week or month.

Do not forget about alocoholic beverages too. Think of those as SUGAR CITY. Until you reach that maintence level in your weightloss journey, stay back from that too.

Water keeps you hydrated, it flushes out toxins and will actually give you energy.

You can do this! You can make the switch to water. After some time it will be in the majority of what you drink during the day. Not to mention since you are drinking no calorie water, this will allow you to enjoy that burger or chocolate a little bit more! That is the trade off I often make.

What is your daily beverage companion? The one you fear you can not live without?

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