Mid Week Motivator- That Sweet Tooth!

I have a major sweet tooth. I mean major. Some people crave salty, I crave sweet. In my journey I have had to walk a tightrope in giving into it or fighting it. To be honest, lately it has not been much of a fight on my end. When I was in the midst of losing weight, not indulging in sweets was one of the things that surprised me. It was wholly supernatural. I did still crave something else after dinner and found myself, instead of eating ice cream chewing on ice with gum. Weird I know but it satisfied my craving. Something that I noticed is while I indulged my sweet tooth ( and often) I was not truly enjoying the food I was eating. My taste buds had become dulled. Pulling back from sugar would help to cleanse my palet.

When I did have a craving for something sweet after dinner, I discovered how amazing (and cheap!) frozen fruit was to eat. First it was watermelon. Purchasing, slicing and freezing a whole watermelon was worth the cost ( I often found them for $5 to $7 at Aldi). The texture is similar to that of an italian ice ( without the added sugar). I soon added grapes and other fruits. This gave me a small taste of something sweet and cold, just what I needed.

But sometimes I wanted more than that, namely ice cream. I discovered Artic Ice which is only 150 calories for an entire pint! I don’t know about the rest of you out there but I used to consume pints of Ben & Jerry’s or Hagen Daaz by myself. Never following the recommended serving size for two. Finding this was a nice treat from time to time, as the cost is almost $5 for one and that can be a bit high for me. I have also tried out soy ice creams from time to time. I have also tried out those natural fruit bars, there are several brands out there. Take the time to read the labels, especially the sugar content.

Having a sweet tooth is hard. I limit the amount of sweets I do have in the house. Usually its some frozen yogurt ( that I do my best to limit how many helpings I eat). But I do not keep cookies or chocolate. If I really want that I have to leave the house to get it. I still need to plan when I want to eat something like ice cream or yogurt. There are days that I am not always so careful but most of the time I do try to plan what I eat each day. If I know I will have something later on, I tend to work out harder. Not always, but on some days that is my motivation to even work out at all.

Limiting what is accessible to me at home helps to keep me check. I also know when to avoid those aisles in the grocery store. When you do indulge in your sweet tooth know that there are alternatives from the usual choices. I do not beat myself up, if you indulged and feel guilty then take a step back and evaluate what or why it happened. Perhaps it is something you just can not have in the house. Ask yourself why you ate it. Taking the time to figure this out is far more important than a guilt trip.

The more you pull back from sugar the sweeter those healthy fruits and vegetables taste! Those times when you do have dessert at the end of a meal will be all the more sweeter because your taste buds have been revived. There may be times when it is more of a struggle than other days. What matters most is how you handle it.

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